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Ninja Newton app review: swing to new heights



Ninja Newton is an iPad and iPhone game with a grappling hook, coins, bouncy leaf dwellers, and a ninja. Ninja Newton must climb up the trees to get coins and pass the level.

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Ninja Newton


Swing Up the Canopy

Ninja Newton is a simple concept where your main character swings up the canopy using his grappling hook. To me, the puzzle is to catch all of the coins. This requires you to climb up but also allow your hero to fall just far enough that you can catch him with the next grappling hook's reach. My own problem is waiting too long before swinging my grappling hook. That means I fall to my death and have to start over.

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If you don’t go for all the coins, you can swing up the tree quite easily, and pass the levels quickly. It all depends on your personal preference for the game. I like to get all the coins, but my son just goes through the level as fast as he can.

Level passed
Level passed

Collect the Stars

There are a variety of ways to earn points in Ninja Newton. Collect the stars, discover the map, and clear the tower. If you use less jumps, you earn more stars, but it is then more difficult to get all of the coins. I don’t mind doing a level repeatedly to get all of the achievements, but that’s my style. My son would prefer to clear the level in four swings and get all three stars.

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I like checking with the kids to see how they like a game before reviewing it. My son is 11, and he’s the most into games. My daughter who is six also enjoyed this game though, and figured it out pretty quickly. While I myself took a little longer due to not being a game player, I do enjoy this game and how many different ways you can play it.

Select your level
Select your level

Ninja Newton


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Fun gravity-based play
  • Bounce your way up higher using the pink balloons
  • Collect coins for higher score
  • Explore more of the map for higher score
  • Use fewer swings for more stars


  • It's a Catch 22 when you want all the coins and to explore all the map but get penalized for using too many swings

Swinging up on the grappling hook
Swinging up on the grappling hook

Final Thoughts

Ninja Newton is a great gravity-based grappling hook iPad and iPhone game for kids. My 11-year-old and six-year-old love the game, and I have enjoyed testing it out as well. There are multiple ways to play, with just trying to get to the top as my daughter does, or trying in as few swings as my son does. I try to get all the coins and clear the map, so we each play differently. Overall, this game is fun for all ages, and I would even let my two-year-old give it a shot.


Ninja Newton

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