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TeeVee 3 app review: built for fans of TV



It's time to get honest: how many TV shows do you like to watch without fail each and every week? If you're a bit of a TV addict or just have a handful of favorites, the TeeVee 3 app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has been created with you in mind. This app makes it possible for users to track all their favorite shows right on their mobile device so you can go above and beyond the basic entertain experience that the TV offers.

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TeeVee 3 - Your TV Shows Guru


Track All Your Favorite Shows

Through the TeeVee 3 app you'll be able to track all your most favorite TV shows and get a full overview of that series. The app supports over 30,000 different TV shows so you're bound to find yours included. You can search for a particular show by title or you can even take a look at the trending list, getting a quick look at the most popular or talked-about series on the air right now. This is also a great spot to find some new shows that might interest you.

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The app has recently been updated with all kinds of fixes, updates, enhancements, and more. This one requires iOS 8 or later to use and currently has a decent 3.5 out of five star rating. It seems as though there are still some bugs plaguing users and some areas that could be made to be a bit more user-friendly.

Keep track of all your favorite shows
Keep track of all your favorite shows

Finding Your Shows

Finding your favorite shows on the TeeVee 3 app is relatively simple: as mentioned, you can search by the name or you can take a look at what's currently trending as far as shows go. Once you mark your shows as favorites you'll be able to receive push notifications regarding when it will air, there is an unwatched option, and when you swipe left on the upcoming episode you can learn more about it. If you stop following a show you had previously added to your list, just hold your finger on it to delete it. The app can be used on all your devices since it syncs through iCloud.

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I find the graphics in the app pretty impressive and I love that you can get a quick view of when your favorite shows are set to air. This is a really user-friendly want to be sure you always catch the latest episodes.

Read about your favorite shows
Read about your favorite shows

TeeVee 3 - Your TV Shows Guru


Pros and Cons


  • A smooth and user-friendly experience
  • A clean user interface
  • Keep track of all your favorite shows
  • Receive push notifications when one of your shows is set to air
  • Read about different TV shows
  • Supports more than 30,000 TV shows


  • It would be nice to see additional functions and tools added

Customizable settings
Customizable settings

Final Thoughts

The TeeVee 3 app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to help you manage a schedule of all your favorite TV shows. The app certainly succeeds in that point but it would be nice to see additional functions/features added.


TeeVee 3 - Your TV Shows Guru

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