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Gunspell app review: jump into another realm



We've got a way for you to spend some time and totally escape to a whole new realm. The Gunspell app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is an RPG-adventure style game that has actually won awards. This app is filled with magic and guns that are actually being used in combination as you get caught up in some crazy events. In this game you'll encounter monsters, demons, vampires, and heroes. A great element in this game is that as your stamina starts to fade you can get it back by taking part in a mini-game.

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Immerse Yourself

If you’re looking for immersive and addictive gameplay then look no further than the Gunspell app that offers up some beautiful looking RPG gaming. This game takes place in another realm where you will need to use guns and magic in order to be successful. There are all kinds of different worlds for you to discover, there are Match3 battles filled with all kinds of cool elements, no shortage of enemies to defeat, spells, items, and weapons to gain, and all this is provided through the use of stunning graphics. As mentioned when you stamina starts to dwindle you can raise it again by playing a mini-game and this can be done at any time.

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This game is free to use but if you want to purchase additional items/gear/features then you can make in-app purchases. These purchases range in price from $1.99 to $29.99. The app has 3.5 out of five stars from users but no customer comments as of yet. In its latest update there were some bug fixes made, which has resulted in smoother overall gameplay.

Complete a variety of tasks
Complete a variety of tasks

Let the Battles Begin

As soon as you launch the Gunspell app you'll be able to take part in some rather epic Match3 battles. You'll be tasked with quests to complete which can be hard because you'll find yourself distracted by the absolutely amazing graphics. The scenery will change as you explore different worlds and there are tons of different items to use in your battles. What's really fun and unique in this game is the mixture of fantasy elements with some modern day and even futuristic warfare/guns. It makes for a really cool gaming experience. All your vital statistics are found at the top of the screen, leaving the full screen open to your battles.

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Beautiful graphics to enjoy
Beautiful graphics to enjoy



Pros and Cons


  • A fabulous mixture of graphics and animations to make for something truly unique
  • The game is free to play
  • When your stamina starts to fade you can play a mini-game to boost it again
  • A variety of worlds to discover
  • There is no shortage of battles to take part in


  • Depending on what you want to buy the in-app purchases can get pricey

Upgrade your power and weapons
Upgrade your power and weapons

Final Words

The Gunspell app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone does a great job of combining all kinds of cool graphics and gaming elements to give users a unique offering.



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