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Machineers app review: solve this puzzle



If you have a knack for puzzles then we have a really cool construction puzzle game that is filled with unique characters and features. The Machineers app can be played on your iPad and will have you repairing a bunch of broken items in order to create unique mechanical inventions all your own. To help you with this task you have a toolbox filled with handy items such as cables, belts, gears, and more. Besides the fun gameplay this app also offers some amazing graphics that will have you hooked.

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Become an Inventor

Here's your chance to build some cool items and become an inventor yourself with the Machineers app. Your job is to help out all the people in the town when it comes to repairing their various machines. You'll be taking a look at a mechanical arcade machine, a coin-operated crane, and more. In total there are 12 puzzle machines each of which provides its own challenge. If you're not in a rush you can always play in puzzle sandbox mode that lets you create vehicles with endless options. Your progress will be saved on the Cloud which also means you can pick up any of your devices and start playing where you left off.

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This game is a brand new release so because of that there are no updates at this time, nor is there a customer rating. It does however already have some feedback from players who love the gameplay and the fact it challenges you to think about how machines work.

Fun and unique graphics
Fun and unique graphics

How the Game Works

The Machineers app will actually be released as its own individual episodes, also known as "cities." Each of these cities will have 12 challenging puzzles. At this time there are five cities/episodes on the way, giving players plenty of game time. The upcoming episodes will focus on are hot air balloons, cars, rocket ships, boats, and a teleporter. The first episode features an amusement park where you'll find an arcade, a miniature train set, a Ferris wheel, and more machines.

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Despite the fact that this is a brand new game it has already been getting plenty of attention and even won some awards when it was first designed. What this mean for players is that you’re getting a very polished, sleek, and entertaining game. I find it's the graphics that really jump out as they feel so different and cool; it gives the game a vibe that is unique.

Become a mechanic and inventor
Become a mechanic and inventor



Pros and Cons


  • Very unique and cool graphics
  • Plenty of challenging puzzles to solve
  • There are new episodes/cities coming
  • Gives players a chance to look deeper and really think about the mechanics of objects


  • The content may seem limited to some

Challenging puzzle game
Challenging puzzle game

Final Thoughts

The Machineers app for your iPad and gives players a chance to really think about the mechanics of machines and get creative with their problem-solving skills. The game is polished and unique and is completely immersive.



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