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Boj app review: an interactive story experience



Thanks to the digital world, books are able to take on whole new meanings by becoming interactive and fully immersive. The Boj app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a perfect example of a book that is taken to the next level. This app is based on a book about the Boj - Musical Mayhem TV episode. The app features all kinds of cool elements such as professional narration, a sing-a-long, and of course interactions throughout. This offering is perfect for kids ages five and under, which is the perfect age to start fostering a love of reading.

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Boj - Musical Mayhem


Bringing the Small Screen to your Device

The Boj app manages to bring all the joys of the small screen, your TV, straight to your mobile device. Now kids can enjoy entertainment on the go even if you don't have a TV around. The app is based on the CBeebies animated series called "Boj" which is also quite the hit. Here all of Boj's friends are busy practicing their Cloppity Concerto in order to perform at the Giggly Gig, which will be taking place at the park. The problem occurs when Denzil accidentally damages his guitar putting their performance on the line. Not to worry because Boj steps in to teach him about improvisation.

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The app has just recently been update with some minor bug fixes and it is now compatible with iOS 8. The app doesn't yet have any customer comments or a customer rating. On the plus side there are no in-app purchases so after you make the initial download you're able to enjoy the full offering.

Join Boj on a musical adventure
Join Boj on a musical adventure

The Reading Experience

With the Boj app you're in for a child-friendly experience. If you choose the Read to Me mode the story is read by Jason Donovan who is Pops in the TV show. All throughout there are interactions and kids can even interact with the characters themselves. The story is 24 pages long and other features include a karaoke game and games that allow kids to make their own instruments.

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The graphics are vivid and fun and will appeal to young children. The sounds are crisp and clear and the narration sounds very professional. It’s a great way to enhance their love of the TV show obviously but also to have an educational reading experience.

Encourages kids to use their imagination
Encourages kids to use their imagination

Boj - Musical Mayhem


Pros and Cons


  • The app is child-friendly
  • This offering is ideal for kids ages five and under
  • There are interactions throughout and games
  • The book is 24 pages in length
  • Once you purchase the app there are no in-app purchases necessary
  • The app offers professional narration
  • Cute graphics and sounds


  • You may find this story isn’t long enough since kids will enjoy it so much

Final Thoughts

The Boj app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a great way to engage with kids in a positive and educational way through a child-friendly story experience.

Boj - Musical Mayhem

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