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Squiroll app review



Squiroll is an iPhone and iPad game for kids that teaches kids about the forces of gravity. Your squirrel must roll from his floating position, down the path you draw, get as many gems as you can, and finally the acorn.

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Think Before You Draw

Squiroll is a fun game that teaches kids about gravity. If you draw the path too straight or bumpy, then the squirrel will slow down and stop. If you draw the path just right then the squirrel will roll to each gem and finally the acorn. My kids had fun with this game because while there is a goal, you don’t necessarily have to attain the goal to have fun. My two-year-old, for example, did not really care about getting the gems; she just wanted to see the squirrel roll around. My 11-year-old, however, had a great time lining up the path just so in order to get the gems and the acorn.

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I tried a few of the world one levels, and found that it does take some practice to get all the gems and the acorn. There are a couple levels in world one where I didn’t figure out the correct path yet!

Intro sequence
Intro sequence

Easy Concept to Master

In Squiroll the only thing you have to do is draw a path and hit roll. That’s it. If your squirrel gets stuck, hit the replay button to start over. No worries. I hit replay a couple of times when I drew my line too bumpy trying to get all of the coins, and you get four squirrels with three lives each to complete the game.

There are 15 levels in each of the four stages. As you get along in the levels, you have to set up blockades, more than one track, and hope that you can master the level before you run out of squirrels! Each squirrel has three lives, and you start with four squirrels. If you run out of squirrels, you can purchase them using in came coins for 300 each, or with your real money if you choose.

Level selection
Level selection



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Syncs with Game Center to share your progress or compete with friends
  • Teaches kids how gravity works including momentum
  • Easy to pick up and play


  • Once you’re out of lives you’re stuck

Rolling to the acorn
Rolling to the acorn

Final Thoughts

Squiroll is a fun iPad and iPhone game that teaches kids about gravity. When they set the squirrel’s path, it gains momentum. If your child sets the path to go up, then the squirrel slows back down. In this way, your child will learn how gravity is affected by hills and slopes, as well as angles to get the squirrel to the goal of the acorn. Overall, this game is easy to pick up, and gives your child’s brain a workout as well. It is fun, entertaining, and educational all at once. The only downfall is that you cannot reset the lives, and need to either purchase a life with in-game coins or with your credit card.



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