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Chain Reaction + app review



Did you love setting up dominoes through your house as a kid and then take supreme glee in the minute you got to knock that first one down to cause a chain reaction? That's the basis behind the Chain Reaction + app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone, giving you the ability to enjoy that sense of fun. The goal in this game is to set up the biggest chain reaction possible, making it easy to understand but challenging to master.

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Chain Reaction + : new “domino effect” mine explosion simulation


Can You Create a Chain?

The question is simple with the Chain Reaction + app: have you got what it takes to set up the ultimate chain reaction? The way the game works is that you need to adjust the position of the mines by clicking on side sensors. Be careful though because the mines will explode if the side sensors hit each other so steady hands are the key. This app is a brand-new release yet it feels like a familiar game in a good way. The game controls are very fluid and easy to understand and there is a quick little tutorial to help you out.

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There are no updates or a customer rating at this point but even though the app is brand-new customers are already commenting. Players love how simple the game is and how incredibly challenging it is at the same time.

Make use of the tutorial
Make use of the tutorial

Playing the Game

When you launch the game you’ll quickly find that it supports Game Center, giving players even more of a challenge. A good place to start with the app is to tap on the Menu button and then the Help option to get a few basic instructions on gameplay. When I played the game app, unfortunately in order to close the menu you need to press the “X” button which was covered by a strip ad. I had to actually close the app and go back into it to start the game. Obviously this is a minor issue but still a frustrating little glitch.

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In general the game is cute and good for casual gaming but I can’t see players sticking with this one for long periods of time. As well I find the game to be a bit slow when it comes to the response time as you tap on the mines. It just seems it could do with a little bit more polishing.

Set up a huge chain reaction
Set up a huge chain reaction

Chain Reaction + : new “domino effect” mine explosion simulation


Pros and Cons


  • The game offers a helpful tutorial to walk you through the steps
  • The game uses touch functionality
  • The app supports Game Center to add to the challenge


  • The game is a bit unresponsive at times
  • The ads can sometimes get in the way
  • The game feels as though it could use a bit more refinement

Chain Reaction + screenshot
Chain Reaction + screenshot

Final Thoughts

The Chain Reaction + app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides players with a fun experience that takes them back to the days of dominoes. I feel like this one could really excel after a few refinements.


Chain Reaction + : new “domino effect” mine explosion simulation

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