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InstaShaper app review: easily crop your photos



InstaShaper is an iPad and iPhone app to shape your profile photo to a circle, octagon, hexagon, heart, or star. Additional shapes are available for an in-app purchase, and there are a few camera options as well.

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Lots of Options

InstaShaper has a lot of options. You can choose to take a new photo, or use a photo from your Camera Roll. Additionally, there are a variety of camera settings to play with including timer, and flash, and you can switch the lens from rear to forward. You can also select to use the black background or the white background.

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What I like about the app is that if you have a specific photo that you would like to use on a social networking site, you can cut it into a circle prior to uploading. On LinkedIn for example, the profile photo is a circle, and this way you can adjust the circle to be right where you want it rather than relying on the auto-crop to get your features centered.

Take a photo, shape a photo
Take a photo, shape a photo

Lots of Shapes

InstaShaper has an in-app add-on that allows you to download an additional 70+ shapes for $1.99. If you only want a couple shapes like I do, then the five that come with it will be enough, but if you are looking for more fun heart shapes, birthday cakes, and the like, then consider the add-on.

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I’ve played with several shapers at this point, and this is the easiest to use, and also gets the best effect. It is easy to send your cropped image to contacts via iCloud sharing and it is pre-cropped in a circle for the contact list. Additionally, you can easily upload it to Facebook for a more customized profile photo. As the background is white, yours will simply appear as the shaped photo. It’s pretty cool.

More shapes
More shapes



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Five main shapes of circle, octagon, hexagon, heart, and star
  • Additional pack of over 70 shapes for $1.99
  • Camera tools to set a self-timer, switch lenses, and more


  • None found

Final Thoughts

InstaShaper is an iPad and iPhone app that crops photos to use for a profile picture into one of five main shapes: circle, octagon, hexagon, heart, or star. You can get the in-app add-on for $1.99 to get an additional 70+ shapes, but for my purposes the five main are enough. There are a few camera tools such as a self-timer if you want to go take a timed photo rather than a mirror or arm-stretch selfie. This app is well thought out, and full of great options. Overall, I would suggest this app for its ease of use, flexibility, and versatility. Other apps that are supposed to do the same thing did not impress me the way this one has.



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