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Date & Time Calculator app review



Date & Time Calculator (9 in 1) is an iPad and iPhone app that, like the name suggests, offers nine different calculations for a variety of purposes. For example, it will help you calculate the time difference before you call someone in a different time zone, let you know how early you have to leave before an event, helps you figure out ages, and more.

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Date & Time Calculator (9 in 1)


Nine in One

Date & Time Calculator is a great app for helping you figure out the time difference between two time points, find the date/time by a range, calculate how many work days between two dates, add/subtract two time expressions, multiply/divide a time expression, convert a time expression into another format, calculate how old you are, calculate the time left for your trip, or convert a time point to other time zones.

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Thus far, I have used it to calculate what time I have to leave for an event, how long until Hallowe’en, and how much longer until my nephew was to be born. It is both a fun app and a flexible app.


When is My Vacation?!

Date & Time Calculator easily shows you when your next vacation will be. If you work Monday to Friday it will tell you how many work days, and how many weekend days. For the purpose of the review, I entered today’s date, and set a pretend vacation to July 15 next summer. I easily found out I would have 195 work days if I got weekends off. For fun the app also lets you know that you have 39 Mondays, 39 Tuesdays, 39, Wednesdays, and so on. Interestingly, I have 39 of each day of the week! That was a neat trick.

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For the trip calculator, you can enter your remaining distance, and your travel speed to find out how much longer you will be in the car. I have a GPS unit for this, but it is fun for kids to do this operation.

The age calculator is handy for those times that you are asked how old your toddler is, and the individual wants to know in months. Some parents count in months for a long time, so two isn’t precise enough. I entered my youngest’s birthdate, and up came 2 years, 3 months and 21 days old. From there I can easily get to 27 and 3/4 months old for those who want that sort of detail.

The final option is the time zone converter, which is very useful for conversing with people around the world.

Work days until vacation
Work days until vacation

Date & Time Calculator (9 in 1)


Pros & Cons


  • Inexpensive
  • Nine easy-to-use tools
  • Use it to check trip travels or time zones
  • Calculate age and vacation count easily


  • Add/subtract and divide/multiply time options are a bit difficult to navigate

Time left in trip
Time left in trip

Final Thoughts

Date & Time Calculator (9 in 1) is a great tool for iPad and iPhone to calculate time and date differences. It’s a neat calculator for a variety of purposes, and I’ve had fun calculating the time until vacations, and it’s helped me arrive on time many times! Overall, while it’s not the most exciting app, it does have a lot of great options for calculating time and dates.


Date & Time Calculator (9 in 1)

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