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iRadar Columbus, GA app review



If you should happen to live in Columbus, GA or any of the surrounding regions then you would be very wise to download iRadar Columbus, GA onto your iPhone and iPad to gain access to highly accurate and detailed radar map imagery for your area.

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This is definitely one of the better radar imaging apps that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, and the fact that the developer has been kind enough to provide dedicated coverage for Columbus residents makes it a must-have for locals in my book.

iRadar Columbus, GA


GPS Integration

This app is truly a must-have for any of you who live in Columbus, GA as it provides half a dozen different local radars that come with animated map imagery so that you can clearly see if severe weather conditions are headed in the direction of your home.

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There are a few different radar types available, including base and long range, and this should give you what you need to stay one step ahead of tornadoes and severe storms before they hit.

Powered by the NWS
Powered by the NWS

Weather for Columbus, GA

iRadar Columbus, GA also uses a teeny tiny amount of data to retrieve the latest radar imagery, so if the power goes out in your home due to a storm then you should be able to get the information you need without having to download huge images through your 3G connection.

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This app is quite simple in that it doesn’t contain a vast variety of content, but the developer has done a great job with what is here so it definitely receives my recommendation.

Radars for Columbus, GA
Radars for Columbus, GA

iRadar Columbus, GA


Pros & Cons


  • View detailed radar map imagery for Columbus, GA
  • Access six local radars with fully animated maps
  • Includes base, composite, long range, and other radars
  • View warnings of tornadoes, floods, and more
  • Uses minimal data and is useful for when your power goes out during a storm


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Tornadoes, storms, floods, and more
Tornadoes, storms, floods, and more

Final Words

I would say that iRadar Columbus, GA is well worth downloading onto your iPhone and iPad if you live in Columbus because the content is world class and the interface just serves to sweeten the deal further!


iRadar Columbus, GA

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