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Motorcycle Weather app review



Are you looking for a way to find accurate and reliable weather conditions before you head out on your motorcycle? The Motorcycle Weather app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has been created specifically to be used when you're getting ready to head out on the open road. Users are able to personalize the app to meet their specific weather preferences so you know when it's a good time to go for a ride and when it's better to stay home.

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Motorcycle Weather


Don’t Let Weather Stop You

Thanks to the Motorcycle Weather app you’ll never miss out on a perfect day because you were unsure of the conditions. The way this app works is that you set up your weather preferences and determine what forecast is acceptable for you in order to get out and ride your motorcycle. You will be able to set up such things as wind, temperature, and rain and as long as the forecast is within your set parameters a motorcycle icon will appear. If the weather doesn't meet up with your preferences you'll see a car icon alerting you that this isn't a good day to be motorcycle riding. After the initial set-up process you’ll be able to get instant answers making this app a breeze to use.

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The app was updated earlier in the year with some small enhancements and improvements. The app currently has a strong four out of five star rating from users who have made comments on how easy it is to use. Users would like to see a few more simple tools added in order to really set this one apart.

Set your weather preferences
Set your weather preferences

Features Worth Noting

While the Motorcycle Weather app isn't filled with features it does offer a nice variety of user-friendly tools. This app can work as your sole-weather provider if you like because you can view the full daily weather details and hourly forecast. The information loads incredible fast and it has been scaled to fit all the different device screen sizes. There is no need to type in your location as the app will find your current location based on your GPS coordinates. If you find this to be slow as some have found, just type in your actual location. A cool feature that is different from many weather apps is the fact you can set up the hours you are awake only and get the forecast just for that time period.

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Get quick information on whether it's riding weather
Get quick information on whether it's riding weather

Motorcycle Weather


Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is clean, uncluttered, and basic
  • View the daily or hourly forecast
  • View the forecast for just the hours you are awake
  • Personalize the app by setting up your ideal motorcycle riding weather parameters


  • Some may find this option a little too basic and not enough as their complete weather provider
  • The GPS locator can be slow
  • Users would like to see more features/tools added

Motorcycle Weather screenshot
Motorcycle Weather screenshot

Final Thoughts

The Motorcycle Weather app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives users the ability to really customize a weather tool to be built around their ideal riding conditions. The app is clean, simple to use, and feels unique.


Motorcycle Weather

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