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Home Tasks Management app review



Does it feel like you constantly have 50 things on the go at home and it's easy to forget things because of it? The Home Tasks Management app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can really help you out when it comes to managing your time and getting everything done you want to. Instead of feeling flustered by all the things you need to remember and do you can jot it all down and feel organized throughout the day. This is a basic offering task management app which is meant to be very quick and simple to use.

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Home Tasks Management


Take Control of Your Tasks

The Home Tasks Management app is meant to give users the ability to take control of their home tasks in a user-friendly manner. You are able to enter in all your daily tasks, add descriptions of them, time if it applies, and more. As you finish them you'll be able to mark them as complete. This app is really designed for those who aren't looking for a ton of bells and whistles but to advance from a basic pad of paper and pen for keeping yourself organized.

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This iPhone and iPad task manager is free to use but it is supported by ads and banners. These definitely tend to clutter the screen, which is frustrating when you are trying to stay streamlined and organized. The app hasn’t been updated in quite some time and scores only three out of five stars from users. Everything about it feels very basic and simple and users find the app to be filled with bugs.

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A Bare-Bones Approach

The Home Tasks Management app really takes a bare bones approach to helping you with organization and I have to say it leaves the user feeling quite unimpressed. There are so many apps in this category and they don't all have to be filled with features but they do need to be highly functional and useful. This one just fails to hit the mark in both regards. The basic features that you are given is the ability to add and then delete tasks on a daily basis, you can edit these tasks at any time, add a description, time and date for them, and receive alerts. As you finish your tasks you'll be able to mark it off which allows you to quickly view what is still left outstanding. The user interface is quite dull with nothing engaging or noteworthy.

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A Bare-Bones Approach image

Home Tasks Management


Pros and Cons


  • The app is simple and quick to use
  • This is a very basic offering if you’re looking to just write down quick tasks
  • Set up reminders/alerts
  • Add details to tasks
  • Add and delete tasks with ease


  • There is nothing unique or note-worthy about the app
  • It seems to have a lot of bugs
  • The app is dated and doesn’t feel very useful

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Final Thoughts

The Home Tasks Management app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to help users get organized but this just feels far too basic to be useful.

Home Tasks Management

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