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Best stargazing apps for the iPad


If you enjoy looking up at the night sky then you must check out our list of the best stargazing apps for your iPad.  
Best stargazing apps for the iPadPocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy
Price: $1.99 For: iPhone and iPad This app is considered one of the essential apps to download when you are stargazing or looking for other object in the night sky. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, this app will help you know what exactly you are looking at. One of the most beautiful stargazing apps, it is also very user friendly so you don’t need to be an expert o use it.    
Best stargazing apps for the iPadStar Walk for iPad - interactive astronomy guide
Price: $4.99 For: iPad With its slick and beautiful interface, you can now discover everything that is visible in the sky at night. It will also give you sunrise and sunset schedules, moon phases and many more. Another cool feature is its time machine. Look at what the sky looked like before or what it will look like in the future.    

Best stargazing apps for the iPadSkySafari

Price: $14.99 For: iPhone and iPad Just like the previous app, Sky Safari will offer you similar features but with a very beautiful user interface. It has a nice feature where you can control an electronic telescope just by using your iPad. Now you can explore the night sky way beyond what you can imagine.    

Best stargazing apps for the iPadLuminos - Astronomy for iOS

Price: $6.99 For: iPhone and iPad If you just want to explore the universe then this app is for you. Explore the solar system with its digital telescope where you can view 3D images of the galaxies.    

Best stargazing apps for the iPadStarmap HD

Price: $16.99 For: iPad Starmap is the app you need if you want to dig in and search for more information about the constellations and all of the objects around our galaxy. It has a compass that shows you what you are currently looking at and more features that will satisfy all of your stargazing needs.  

Pocket Universe


Pocket Universe


Pocket Universe

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