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Money Plus app review: see where your money is going



If you've been finding yourself short on funds lately the answer may be as simple as creating a budget and tracking your money. The Money Plus app can be used on your iPad and gives you the ability to manage everything about your finances. There's no need to be a money guru to understand this app it has been created to be very easy and fast to use so that anyone can take control of their personal finances. What's great is that by tracking your finances you'll start to learn where you can save money.

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Money Plus - Budgets & Tracker


No Need to Wonder

There is no need to stare and wonder at your bank balance trying to figure out where all your funds went because the Money Plus app will be able to provide a complete picture for you. The app gives users the ability to create as many budgets as they like and for any categories. That means you can get pretty specific about where your money is going. You can even set up your budget as a percentage amount that is based on your income. Obviously things can change through the month so you can always make edits to your budget as you go along.

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This app is an older app and hasn't been updated in a couple of years now. Its last update included a number of enhancements and bug fixes but at this point everything is feeling pretty dated. The app only has three out of five stars from users and the comments are less than complimentary. It seems that this app crashes quite often and considering it's not a free app users expect a whole lot more.

Set up as many budgets as you like
Set up as many budgets as you like

What the App Offers

The Money Plus app is very basic and offers users a way to track multiple budgets and categories as mentioned and gives users some extra features. You can view your finances broken down monthly, weekly, or daily, which can help to give you a more in-depth look. You can view just starred transactions, income, or expenses, you can graph your finances, and even set your currency. The app is protected with a password so your information will be kept secure.

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The user interface is minimal and clean and it is certainly easy for beginner budgeters to work their way through. It just seems like there are so many things that could be done better with this app.

The app is extremely basic
The app is extremely basic

Money Plus - Budgets & Tracker


Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is simple and basic
  • Set up as many budgets as you like in different categories
  • View your budget broken down monthly, weekly, or daily
  • View specific information only
  • The app is protected by a password to keep your information safe


  • There are very little features and tools
  • This app feels extremely basic
  • The app crashes quite often

Graphical reports
Graphical reports

Final Thoughts

The Money Plus app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a very basic entry-level offering when it comes to budgeting tools and leaves plenty of room for improvement.


Money Plus - Budgets & Tracker

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