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Timerverse app review: a great timer and stopwatch



Timerverse - Timer & Stopwatch is an iPad and iPhone timing app with a great repertoire of options. There can be up to six timers running, and if you clear all of them you are rewarded with an inspirational quote.

Timerverse - Timer & Stopwatch


Time Your Life

When you need to time something like laps, the pizza delivery guy, or your tea, Timerverse will help you keep track. Up to six timers can run at a time, and they look like bubbles, which is fun too.

In a world where we now require so many different things to be timed, this app will have you covered. Time up to six runners at a race, time your speech or presentation, set a timer for your working day, and anything else.

You can also do a countdown timer for your cooking, or if you know you have to leave in a certain number of minutes to get out the door in time.

Inspirational quotes
Inspirational quotes

Additional Features

Timeverse is meant to be an easy-to-use and intuitive app. They have nice quotes when you clear out all of the timers, but foremost it is a tap-based timer. There are no sharing options, but you can customize the timer bubble. To change the color during creation, move the bubble up or down on the screen. If you tap and hold the bubble, a list of options for title, size, and color appear, as well as the countdown option.

Additionally, if you are setting a countdown timer, you can set it for hours with the smallest circle, minutes with the middle circle, and seconds with the largest. That is counter-intuitive, but it is what it is. There are also a selection of alarm sounds to choose from to alert you to your tea being ready. The longest you can set a timer is for 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds.

Timers on screen
Timers on screen

Timerverse - Timer & Stopwatch


Pros & Cons


  • Up to six timers running simultaneously
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read
  • Customize your bubbles and times easily


  • None found

Maximum time for countdown
Maximum time for countdown

Final Thoughts

Timerverse - Timer & Stopwatch is an iPad and iPhone timer that allows you to easily see up to six timers to keep you organized in your life. You can set them for stopwatch if you are timing several runners at an event, or you can set them in countdown mode for dinner, pizza, or whatever you need to be alerted to. Overall, this is a great app for ease of use, nice design, and versatility. You are limited to six timers, so if you need to run more you’ll need another app, but for most purposes six is plenty.


Timerverse - Timer & Stopwatch

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