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Sound Time app review: know the time without having to look



Sound Time turns your iPad and iPhone into a chiming clock. If you miss the grandfather clock sounding off the time so you didn’t have to check, this app is for you.

Sound Time


Listen to the Time

Sound Time is a chiming app for your device. There are three sounds included in the free version: grandfather clock, alarm clock, and birds cheeping. I keep the sound off on my phone 99 percent of the time because I am sensitive to sounds. I tentatively tried out this app because I did enjoy the sound of a grandfather clock, and liked the idea of having the time sounded out. I’m sure for others this would be a great app, but my sound sensitivity didn’t mesh with this.

If you enjoy waking to the sound of birds cheeping, than you may like the bird option. The app cleverly does not sound through the night, so I wasn’t awakened by the vibrating option, or the sounding. I kept the app running for a couple days to give it a better test since I often forget to turn my sound on. The app goes silent when you have your device on vibrate which is great for the situations where you don’t want to disturb anyone.

Great Selection of Options

Sound Time is a very simple to use app. You click your preferred sound, then select 30 or 60 minutes. Turn on the sound, and you’re set. The app won’t let you select to not have a sound turned on once you initiate it, but if you exit and close on the multi-tasking screen, then the app is turned off. Similarly, the app requires notifications to be turned on. If you don’t approve that the app won’t work, but if you can’t get it turned off from the app you can do so from the notifications menu.

Sound selection
Sound selection

Sound Time


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Three great sound options
  • 30- or 60-minute intervals
  • Sound or vibration
  • Automatically silences when you put your device onto vibrate


  • No way to turn the app off once initiated unless you exit on the multitasking screen or edit notifications

Setting the sound options
Setting the sound options

Final Thoughts

Sound Time is a great app for your iPhone or iPad if you would like to be notified of the time. If you have your device on silent, then the app will vibrate to notify you; however, I couldn’t distinguish between the app notifying me of the time and my other notifications. If you want to remedy this, you can set your other notifications to different vibrations in the Settings options. Overall, this is a fun app that helps you keep track of the time when you are in an environment that is not so loud you can’t hear your device, but not so quiet as to require you to have your device silenced.


Sound Time

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