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Kiwi app review: customize your chat experience



There's no need to settle for boring and dull-looking conversations; instead, you can transform your keyboard and create some really cool results. The Kiwi app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and acts as a full-feature keyboard that is customized for iOS 8 specifically. The way it works is that you can use all kinds of effects, colors, keyboard fonts, and background images, thereby transforming the way you communicate. There's no way your messages will ever look dull and boring again thanks to this offering.

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Kiwi - Colorful, Custom Keyboard Designer with Emoji for iOS 8


Creative Writing

With the Kiwi app you're really able to get creative with your writing. As mentioned this app has been specifically designed for iOS 8 and it is a custom keyboard with all the functions you want and need. You will be able to get creative by combining your own mixture of background images, colors, and blur effects. You can play with the gradient and even choose from more than 200 keyboard fonts. Now there is one thing to keep in mind with this app: it does need full access in your settings in order for it to show up as your system wide keyboard option. All of the information you type stays on your device though and nothing is ever collected.

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The app is free to use but there is a Pro version available for $0.99. The app scores 2.5 out of five stars from users, so there still seems to be some room for improvement. Customers have commented that the app offers a nice variety of options and that it's very easy to use but there seems to be some issues with the auto-correct.

Make your own unique keyboard
Make your own unique keyboard

Features and Tools

Developers have clearly been putting in a lot of effort to make Kiwi a smooth, enjoyable, and feature-packed app for users. There have been a number of fixes, new features added, shortcuts added, and so much more, all in an effort to please users. Users now enjoy faster saving when they custom-design their own keyboard, there were some user interface enhancements, there is a larger keyboard layout making it more user-friendly, keyboard shortcuts were added, and the keyboard itself has been made to be more responsive. It really shows the developers' commitment to delivering what users want.

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I really enjoy the variety and combinations you can create through the app and it for sure makes your works pop and really come alive. It’s a fun app and with a few more refinements I think users will be all the more happy.

Transform the way you type
Transform the way you type

Kiwi - Colorful, Custom Keyboard Designer with Emoji for iOS 8


Pros and Cons


  • Allows users to create their own custom keyboard
  • Make use of different fonts, effects, colors, and more
  • The app is simple to use
  • There have been a number of impressive updates and enhancements


  • Some users have had issues with the app crashing and issues with auto-correct
  • Not all features are offered for free

Add backgrounds
Add backgrounds

Final Thoughts

The Kiwi app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives users a chance to be creative and customize their own unique keyboard. The app offers some fun features in a user-friendly offering.


Kiwi - Colorful, Custom Keyboard Designer with Emoji for iOS 8

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