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FusionCalc2 Pro app review: a versatile calculator



FusionCalc2 Pro is an iPad and iPhone calculator app that allows you to go through a series of calculations and then drag your midway answer to the top of the screen. When you’re ready to add them all up, you hit the fuse button and get your final answer.

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FusionCalc2 Pro


Why is This Even A Thing?

You may wonder why this is even an option, but if you’ve ever added up 10 or more numbers, then you know how easy it is to hit one wrong key and have to start all over again. FusionCalc2 Pro makes this addition list easier. When I’m at the grocery store, I like to add up each item. Until I got this list, I would take a screen shot every few items to remember my previous total. Now, I can swipe the number to the top of the screen, start calculating again, and fuse when I get to the check out. This way I know how much my bill will be without playing guess the cart.

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There are more options than just addition though. If you have a series of calculations involving multiplication and division as well, but then the last operation is addition, you can hit the fuse button for your BEDMAS question. If subtraction is last this won’t work, but you get the idea.

More Uses

FusionCalc2 Pro has more uses than just the grocery store or your math homework; you could also use it for comparing. If you have a series of numbers to add up for your fundraising and want to give each child an award based on top seller, or just an amount range then you can see from your calculations who is who.

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There is a memo field to add in names of fundraisers or items purchased, and you can drag the numbers up to the top to see them, or down to the bottom to add them to your cart or delete. In your cart you can keep a running total. There is also a tax field so when I go grocery shopping I hit the tax button and voila, everything is calculated.

FusionCalc2 Pro


Pros & Cons


  • Inexpensive
  • Colorful and nice to look at
  • Easy to use
  • Many features that make it useful for multiple applications
  • Backspace option if you realize your error before hitting the function key
  • Tax button that you can set in the settings menu


  • Cannot do complicated computations using BEDMAS unless addition is the last portion of the calculation

Final Thoughts

FusionCalc2 Pro is a great iPad and iPhone app for making daily calculations more easily accessible. Through the ability to drag a calculation to the save screen space and give it a memo, you know what your number was for if you are using several calculations. If you, like me, use this app while shopping, you can drag your items to the cart for a running total every few items, or you can hit fuse and then the tax button to know your total. Overall, this is a very versatile app that I will be keeping around and recommending to iOS users.

FusionCalc2 Pro

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