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Bible Memory app review



Memorization of the Bible is a great way to become better acquainted with the scripture and become closer to God. Bible Memory is an app for your iPhone and iPad that is designed to help you towards this end.

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What we have here is not just a reminder but also a study tool to aid you in your quest to memorize the Bible. This app can be found in the Reference section of the App Store and it can be purchased for $5.99.

Bible Memory


Reminders and Accountability

Bible Memory has a really easy-to-use interface and plenty of options for users to help facilitate their Bible memorization. It lest you set up reminders for each day that prompt you when it’s time to start studying. Having structured study time is a great idea as it will help you incorporate memorization as part of your daily routine.

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You can also take advantage of the study buddy system, which lets you assign up to three Bible Study partners to whom you can report your study progress. This is a great way to stay accountable and therefore on track with your studies.

Track your progress
Track your progress

Study Tools

This app is structured in such a way that it allows users to memorize verses either by category or in the order that they appear in the Bible. There are four translations for each of the verses which are segregated into 250 categories, so you can memorize verses that you might want to be able to relate to based on your state of mind or the day’s events.

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Review each phrase of the verse, one at a time, and then test your progress by taking a quiz on the verse using fill-in-the-blank questions. Tests get progressively more difficult to keep challenging you and ensure constant learning.

Receive feedback on your overall progress and mark off the verses you’ve successfully managed to commit to memory.

Quiz yourself
Quiz yourself

Bible Memory


Pros & Cons


  • A useful tool and support system to help you memorize the Bible scripture
  • Receive reminders each day prompting you of your study time
  • Memorize verses in order or by category
  • Stay accountable by assigning up to three Bible study partners
  • Test your memory by taking quizzes on verses with fill-in-the-blank questions
  • Tests get progressively more difficult
  • Receive feedback on your overall progress 
  • Share verses via email
  • Includes four translations for each verse placed in 250 categories
  • Review each phrase of the verse, one at a time
  • Mark the verses you've already memorized


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

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Final Words

Bible Memory is a well-rounded study tool for those looking to seriously buckle down and start memorizing Bible verses. Use this app on your iPhone or iPad to utilize your study time effectively.


Bible Memory

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