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SnapBook app review: a visual contact reminder



How many times have you scrolled through your contact list only to wonder who that person is? The SnapBook app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone acts as a solution to this problem by allowing you to snap a picture of the person secretly so you'll be able to remember who that contact is. The app can come in handy for business and personal uses as we're all guilty of forgetting contacts once in a while. Thanks to this app you’ll never have to be embarrassed again as you struggle to put the name to the face.

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Let the App Remember

There's no need to stress yourself out wondering who that person is that you have in your contact list; instead, you'll be able to view a picture of the contact and instantly jog your memory. The SnapBook app is great for those times you're meeting new business contacts, a new friend, a neighbor, or anyone else. What's great is that the person won't know you're taking their picture, again saving you from embarrassment and having to admit you'll likely forget who they are!

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This app is being offered for free for a limited time only so now is the chance to give it a try. In its most recent update there were a number of small bug fixes and now users have a more stable app to look forward to. The app doesn't currently have any customer comments or a customer rating. There are no in-app purchases required to use it.

Let the App Remember image

Discreetly Snap Photos

What's really fun and cool about the SnapBook app is the fact you'll be able to take a photo of your contact without them knowing. When you get the person's phone number, just hand the device to them and as they are entering in their information the app will take a quiet and totally secret photo of them. It then automatically links their photo to your address book, taking care of all the details for you. The whole process takes mere seconds and your new contact will never know the photo was taken.

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Plus there's more. The app even creates an album right in your Photo Album so that all your SnapBook photos are grouped together and you can quickly look at them. As far as your address book goes the app offers seamless integration with them. Just save the contact's details in the SnapBook form. It’s such a simple, complete, and well-thought-out solution.

Discreetly Snap Photos image



Pros and Cons


  • The app is quick and easy to use
  • Have your contact enter their details into your phone and the app will secretly snap a photo of them
  • Offers seamless integration with your address book
  • All the SnapBook photos will have their own album in your Photos


  • The app isn’t filled with features and tools; things are kept simple

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The SnapBook app for your iPad touch, iPod, and iPhone is a wonderfully simple yet useful tool that anyone can use.


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