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YoWindow Weather app review: a great desk top weather app



YoWindow Weather is an iPad and iPhone weather app that has an active weather background which reflects what is going on outside. There are a variety of options to choose from such as background, and locations, but also which forecast you'd like, and in what unit you prefer to see the weather.

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YoWindow Weather


Personalized Weather Window

This app is called a window for good reason. When you open YoWindow, you are presented with the background of your choice with the current weather reflected. If you enable location, then it is to your exact locale, but otherwise if you have a large city it can vary a little. We all know weather is unpredictable.

The best iPhone apps for weather

There are five backgrounds to choose from: village, seaside, airport, oriental, and sky. If you prefer to just look up to check the weather then the sky is perfect for you! If you want to use your own photo, then you can do that too and the weather will be superimposed over the photo.

The main screen has lots of great information such as the time, current temperature, humidity, and so on. At the top there is a swipable section with each day of the week for your long range forecast. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be cold for Hallowe'en. Better than rain!

Weather midday
Weather midday

Why Do I Want Another Weather App?

If you've been on the site long, you know I'm a weather junkie. I like to be prepared, but I also just enjoy looking to see what's coming, and YoWindow can help me out with this. More than that though, it does so in a nice looking fashion, with live screen to indicate not only the weather, but the amount of sun. If the sun has set, your environment will be dark. As the sun rises, it lightens up. I like to set my phone on the counter while I get the kids ready in the morning, and right now the sky is dark when we start. I can check the forecast, watch the sun rise out my window, and watch the app come to life too. I can also see how windy it is based on the reeds and trees in the app if I'm not by the right window to see the trees in the yard. It's handy to help me know what to put the kids in to walk to school.

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I also like that there is a feels-like field. I don't care so much what the actually temperature is, tell me what it feels like so I know how to dress. It can be +5°C and feel like -2°C or it can feel like +13°C. It all depends on wind and how much sun there is, but each requires a different coat or sweater.

Oriental background
Oriental background

YoWindow Weather


Pros & Cons


  • Active screen allows you to see the weather before you read it
  • Long range forecast
  • Feels-like field
  • Humidity and pressure fields
  • Wind field
  • Customizable background
  • Can hide most of the information


  • None found

Sun has set, and shows moon position too
Sun has set, and shows moon position too

Final Thoughts

YoWindow Weather is a great weather app for your iPhone or iPad. I enjoy watching the weather change, and also like to be informed before I head out for the afternoon of what to expect. Do I bring an umbrella, do I wear a winter coat, shorts? Knowing the forecast is an important thing if you can't just pop your head out the door to check before leaving. And even more important when you have to plan your children's school day for clothing, rubber boots, and so on. Overall, this is a great app, very useful, practical, and also beautiful.


YoWindow Weather

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