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Jump 50 app review: a simple yet addictive game



There is a plethora of fun and addictive games available in the App Store, ensuring that iPhone and iPad owners never have the chance to be bored. Jump 50 is one of those games.

What we have here is a game in which users only need to tap to jump over obstacles in the path of their purple square. The simple and straightforward gameplay makes for a highly-addictive app which will test your reflexes to boot!

Apollo Jump Free



Jump 50 only takes up 3.3 MB of space on your iOS device, and it’s a free app to boot. The rule of the game is simple: Tap To Jump!

The gameplay, involves a purple square which moves along the circumference of a circle in the middle of the screen. There are some obstacles on the way and the player must tap to make the purple square jump over these obstacles. 

The game also features sound effects and background music which can be toggled on and off.

Gameplay image

Level Progression

There are fifty levels in the game and you start at level fifty. Each circumnavigation you complete takes you to a lower level which has different roadblocks that vary in height as well as type. At some point you’ll even get to floating bridges and you must pass underneath them. Another challenging obstacle is the rolling one, which keeps moving.

Each round will get increasingly difficult and you may find yourself getting impatient as you get stuck on a particular round. Don’t fret, however, there are no bugs, just challenging levels through which you must persevere.

There is some room for improvement in this app. The user could offer a variety of color themes or even let the user pick colors that suit their preferences.

Level Progression image

Apollo Jump Free


Pros & Cons


  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Easy yet addictive gameplay involving single taps to jump over obstacles
  • 50 total rounds which are very difficult to get through!
  • Free and lightweight app at 3.3 MB
  • Rounds get increasingly difficult with unique obstacles
  • Background music and sound effects are quirky


  • Players can get stuck on certain rounds and have no way to move forward, but I personally feel that’s the beauty of most games; perseverance pays off!
  • It would be great if users could choose their own color themes to reduce the monotony of green, purple, and white

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Jump 50 is a really sweet, fun, and addictive game for those looking to kill a little time or test their reflexes. Get this app on your iPhone or iPad if you’re looking for a fun and lightweight game to entertain and engage you.

Apollo Jump Free

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