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Bindle app review: launch your own group chat



Did you just watch that new blockbuster movie and now you want to talk about it? Maybe you're looking to talk to others about tips for gardening, or you're looking for advice on a parenting issue. No matter what you want to chat about, you can do so with the Bindle app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. With this app you'll be able to launch a topic and then enjoy a group chat. If you'd rather you can join a chat already in progress and add your two cents.

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Bindle - The Chat App for Internet Friends


Create Your Own Conversation

The Bindle app is a social networking app that allows you to launch a conversation about anything on your mind, no matter how small or big the issue may be. You can have as many chats going as you like and there are no limits on the amount of people that are allowed to join in. As mentioned, if there isn’t anything on your mind at the moment you can always join someone else’s chat and offer advice, information, tips, and thoughts. The navigation bars across the top and the bottom of the screen make it very easy to move through this app and really take advantage of its full potential.

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The app has just recently been updated with enhancements made to the connection and some small bug fixes. You can also use stickers in chat sessions now. The app scores a perfect five star rating from users who love the social aspect this one delivers. It should be noted that this app requires iOS 7.0 or later to use.

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Enjoy Input and Share Your Own

The Bindle app is a two-way street where you can start and take part in public conversations. It's a great opportunity to meet some new people with views and ideas you may otherwise not get. You can add friends to your list of people so you can also watch what they're chatting about, add stickers to conversations, search for images and GIFs right from within the app, link previews, and whenever you're mentioned in someone's conversation you'll be notified.

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Using the app is relatively easy thanks to the simple user interface that is smooth and responds well. If you've got a lot of chats going at a time it may start to look a bit busy, but that's really up to you how many you have going on.

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Bindle - The Chat App for Internet Friends


Pros and Cons


  • Start a public conversation about any topic on your mind
  • Join conversations already in progress
  • Simple and smooth navigation through the app
  • Add stickers to your messages
  • Search for GIFS/images from within the app
  • There is no limit on the amount of people that can be in a conversation


  • There is nothing bad to say

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Final Thoughts

The Bindle app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone offers users a really cool way to chat with others in an app that has been well-designed, is simple to use, and is unique.

Bindle - The Chat App for Internet Friends

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