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Enotekit: Send Note app review



If you are the kind of person who often forgets their best ideas, because you can’t be bothered to look for a post-it note or something of the sort, you can try out Enotekit: Send Note, which is a note-taking function that will always be at your disposal on your iPhone or iPad.

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Whether you are writing a book or planning out a business model, you never know when an important idea will cross your mind. Rather than telling yourself that you’ll note it down later, you can use this app to jot it down quickly.

Lightweight and Loaded!

Enotekit: Send Note is a free app that takes up under a megabyte of space, which makes for a highly responsive and speedy app, both in the download as well as in action. Although signing up is optional if you just want to jot down ideas, it is required if you are looking to share notes.

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Fire up a new note with the compose icon in the middle of the menu at the bottom of the screen, enter your desired note title, and start writing!

There are four options for users to choose from to incorporate into the ready-made sections of the app. These options are Text, photos, Active links, and Headings.

Create notes with headings, photos, and more
Create notes with headings, photos, and more

Notes, Photos, and Sharing

As you’ll see in the screenshots provided, this app provides users with a fantastic tool to take notes. You can choose to throw on a heading, type away in text, add photos, and links to another note where you can further explore a particular idea.

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All your notes will be synced with the Enotekit Server with data encryption to ensure that your precious notes are never lost or disclosed to anyone else. You will also be able to access your notes from all devices with ease.

Finally, you can send over your notes to other Enotekit users or via email to yourself and others who do not have Enotekit.

Email notes to anybody
Email notes to anybody

Pros & Cons


  • Create complex multi-page notes with headings, text, and photos
  • Each note is a little block which can be edited, moved, or deleted individually
  • Insert links to another page of notes
  • Section out your note using links or photos anywhere
  • A fantastic brainstorming tool or something to jot down your thoughts quickly and make sense of them later
  • All your notes are synced with the Enotekit server with encryption so your data will never be lost or put in the wrong hands
  • Send your notes to other Enotekit users or send via email in a similar layout as your note


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Send and receive notes from other users
Send and receive notes from other users

Final Words

Enotekit: Send Note is an interesting note-taking app which can help you out whether you are planning out the skeleton of a book, or figuring out your business model. Get this on your iPhone or iPad and never lose an idea again!


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