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PDF/Comic Reader Bookman Pro for iPad app review



It seems comic book readers and collectors are always looking for a great way to enjoy their books so now we've got an app that provides such an experience. The PDF/Comic Reader Bookman Pro for iPad has been designed to be a user-friendly option for scanning your comic book archives and act as a PDF reader. The app is smooth and filled with features all meant to make the perfect user experience. You will also have assurance that files are kept safe and sound thanks to the password lock on the app.

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PDF/Comic Reader Bookman Pro for iPad


Enjoy Comics Anywhere

The PDF/Comic Reader Bookman Pro for iPad app makes it possible to enjoy your comics no matter where you are since they will be stored right on your iPad. You'll be able to easily and quickly download eBooks from websites thanks to the built-in web browser that you can use. The app supports a variety of file types such as PDF, JPG, RAR, ZIP, TIFF, PNG, CBZ, and plenty more. The app makes file transfers and sharing simple thanks to the fact it supports iTunes sharing, FTP transfers, file sharing by email, and other options.

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The app was updated just over a year to support iOS 7 but there has been nothing since. The app scores a respectable four out of five stars from users who clearly see its merit. The customer comments point out how great it performs as a reader, the nice variety of options, and how user-friendly it is.

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A Wide Selection of Features

The PDF/Comic Reader Bookman Pro for iPad app certainly doesn’t cut corners when it comes to the features and tools it offers users, which is part of what makes this app such a great offering. You'll love that you are able to organize all your books on an online bookshelf, you can view full page thumbnails, view a history, make use of the bookmark tool, and the app offers fast page turns. Go ahead and move around your books, rename your files, delete them, and really personalize the app. You can even do a keyword search and highlight the search results. If you find the pages are hard to read, just zoom in by double tapping on the screen or pinching it.

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As far as the customization tools go you are given a handful of these as well such as adjusting the brightness, the user interface color, the page number display, the background color, and plenty more.

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PDF/Comic Reader Bookman Pro for iPad


Pros and Cons


  • The app allows you to read your comics from any place
  • There are tons of customization features
  • The app supports a wide number of file types
  • File sharing and transfer is quick and easy
  • Create your own bookshelf which you can edit


  • Users have complained that the thumbnail generation is extremely slow

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Final Thoughts

The PDF/Comic Reader Bookman Pro for iPad app offers customers a user-friendly way to read their comics on the go and customize the experience to their liking.

PDF/Comic Reader Bookman Pro for iPad

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