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Ghost Link-Link HD app review: match the ghosts to earn lots of points



Ghost Link-Link HD is an iPad and iPhone is a fun puzzle game with a Hallowe’en theme. There are 11 different modes: normal mode, rise, gravitation, go left, go right, break new ground, sky and earth united, diverge, attack from both about, combination, and break up.

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Ghost Link-Link HD


Link the Monsters

Ghost Link-Link HD is a simple enough game to play. All you have to do is tap two monsters that match and have a path of open space for the link to occur. If you try to link two directly beside each other, this is allowed; otherwise, there must be empty space.

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The game play isn’t the challenge though, the time limit is. Each level there are more and more monsters to figure out, and you have to solve the matches before you run out of time. The tricky part of this is that it becomes a mahjong like puzzle wherein you must make matches using only the monsters that are open.

Select your mode
Select your mode

Matching Puzzle

Ghost Link-Link HD is a fun matching game for kids. If you match several of the same monsters in a row, then you get bonus points, which is great fun for kids. My two-year-old loves monsters, which is a bit weird I know, but she does. She had a blast matching the monsters in this game, and loved that there was a laser beam to zap them.

There are a whole bunch of characters to see from ghosts, to Frankenstein monsters, and mummies. My daughter had a great time playing this, and my 11-year-old caught her playing and loved it too. It’s easy to pick up for a few minutes at a time. It also synchronizes with Game Center so you can compete with your friends.

Match Up monsters
Match Up monsters

Ghost Link-Link HD


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Fun Hallowe’en game
  • Lots of monsters
  • Bonus points for same monster in a sequence


  • Can’t link more than two monsters

A higher level means more monsters to match
A higher level means more monsters to match

Final Thoughts

Ghost Link-Link HD is an iPad and iPhone matching game. It’s fun to pick up and play for a few minutes, but you probably won’t have a problem walking away unless that ever coveted high score is within sight. The game synchronizes to Game Center so you can track your scores, compete against your friends, or just because it can. I am not an avid game player, so I don’t check Game Center that often, but I know many who do and love the feature. For my toddler, she just likes matching the monsters and doesn’t much care about the score. My 11-year-old likes comparing his score to mine and to his previous score. He’s more of a gamer and loves the competition. Overall, this game is fun for all ages, and it’s great for a few minutes to play here and there.


Ghost Link-Link HD

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