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Writer Corner app review: write customizable notes



Writer Corner is a very handy iPhone and iPad app for those of you who like to jot down a lot of thoughts, providing you with a range of customization options in addition to the ever-useful speech-to-text feature to spare you from having to type incessantly.

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This is a pretty decent app overall although I should point out that there have been some complaints from users regarding files not being saved, or previously saved files disappearing; I haven’t experienced this so it might be a compatibility issues with some newer iPhone models.

Writer Corner


Dictate Your Notes

Making a solid addition to the Productivity category of the App Store is this utility which provides a simple yet effective interface within which you can create your own personal notes, with the option to choose between a variety of font styles, colors, and sizes based on your preferences.

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There is also a great speech-to-text function that will allow you to dictate to your iOS device instead of typing, so you could quickly say what’s on your mind and then get back to whatever it is you were doing.

Create customizable notes
Create customizable notes

Share Your Notes via Email

Writer Corner displays a word and character count for all of your saved notes, and it also offers standard text editing features such as text alignment and a spell checker to ensure your notes are completely legible.

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You’ll also be pleased to know that you can share your notes with your friends online via email, and this also doubles up to serve as a convenient way of backing up your data by emailing it to yourself.

Check your spelling
Check your spelling

Writer Corner


Pros & Cons


  • Provides a simple yet effective interface for you to create your own personal notes
  • Speech-to-text functions enable you to dictate to your iOS device instead of typing
  • Choose from a variety of font styles, colors, and sizes based on your preferences
  • Provides a word and character count for all of your saved notes
  • Customize the interface by adjusting the background color
  • Align the text to make it easier for you to read
  • Also includes a spell checker to help you correct your spelling
  • Share your notes with others online via email


  • I haven’t personally encountered any issues with this app but there have been a couple of complaints from users on the iTunes description page mentioning that this app frequently deletes notes after they have been saved

Split keyboard view
Split keyboard view

Final Words

Writer Corner for iPhone and iPad might be somewhat of a punt if you choose to download it because I’m not entirely confident in its file saving reliability, but I do like the speech-to-text option and would recommend at least considering it.


Writer Corner

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