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▻Cards - Three Solitaire Puzzle Games in One App app review-2021



▻Cards - Three Solitaire Puzzle Games in One App is a three-in-one Solitaire cards game app bonanza for all you card game addicts out there, providing a combination of Freecell, Spider, and Klondike on your iPhone and iPad.

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Playing this solitaire for iPhone app has brought back a lot of memories, namely the amount of time I used to waste playing Solitaire on Windows 98 (or was it Windows 95?). Either way, this is a great spider solitaire app which should offer many hours of fun.

Continue reading this Solitaire app review to see why it receives my recommendation. Who knows, it might just be one of the best solitaire apps you have ever used. 

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Become a Solitaire Extraordinaire!

If you like your card games then you’re going to absolutely love this app as is offers Freecell, Spider, and Klondike variations of Solitaire for anytime play on your iOS device, complete with some great gesture-based controls to help you effortlessly move the cards around the board.

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The games come with three difficulty levels for you to choose from, and if you get stuck then you can set up automatic hints that will help to get you out of tight spots. 

Become a Solitaire Extraordinaire! image

Learn Multiple Solitaire Variations

If you’ve only ever played one form of Solitaire before then  ▻Cards - Three Solitaire Puzzle Games in One App should be a great way of learning the variations because the full game rules for all three versions come included.

What’s more, you can save your games at any point to pick up where you left off at a later date, and you’ll also receive ongoing statistics so that you can chart your performance over time to see how you’re improving.

Learn Multiple Solitaire Variations image

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Pros & Cons


  • Become a master of Solitaire with this collection of three card games
  • Includes Freecell, Spider, and Klondike variations of Solitaire
  • Use the intuitive gesture-based controls to focus on the game more easily
  • Includes optional automatic hints to help you get out of sticky situations
  • Chose from three difficulty levels based on your confidence and competence
  • Read the game rules for all three variations of Solitaire
  • Provides support for both landscape and portrait orientation modes
  • Save your games to quickly pick up where you left off next time
  • Undo your moves if you get stuck (cheating is wrong!)
  • All games are set up to be winnable so you won’t be wasting your time
  • Receive ongoing statistics to see if you are becoming a better Solitaire player


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

▻Cards - Three Solitaire Puzzle Games in One App is a ton of fun for fans of card games, and of course Solitaire in particular; be sure to keep this iPad and iPhone card game for those long car journeys or procrastination sessions!

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