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CarZen app review: an informational tool



The best way to go into a new or used car search is to get yourself organized and arm yourself with as much research/information as possible. The CarZen app for your iPad is meant to help you with your search by giving you all kinds of detailed information. This car maintenance app has been developed by Liberty Mutual and can be used for all things car-related. All the tools have been specially designed to be user-friendly and of course filled with the information you need and want.

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CarZen – Car Search and Shop


Conduct Your Search

If you're ready to start your search for a new or used car then it's time to download the CarZen app. This app has all the bases covered as well as information you may have not thought to gather. You can begin by using the search tool. This tool makes it possible to search by your price range, the car brand, the style of the car, and more. Perhaps you haven’t even thought of what exactly you want, so this app can help you learn what it is you like. The search tool has over two million used and new car listings available to it so there is certainly no shortage of information to draw from. The listings are always being updated as well so you know it will stay current.

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This app is free to use and in its most recent update there were bug fixes, support for iOS 7, and just some performance improvements made. The app scores a solid four out of five stars from users. Users have commented on how simple the app is to use and the fact it truly helps with the search process.

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Additional Features

The CarZen app boasts that it has the most listings available on the iPad, while it's hard to determine if this is true or not there certainly is an impressive amount of content. The app strives to make the user experience not just simple but also a visual one. This means you are given plenty of full-screen images of the various vehicles and even video reviews that can be incredibly helpful. These reviews take a look at new cars on the market today. Additionally the dealer marketplace feature makes it possible for you to find dealers located nearby and some now offer a video chat option.

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I find the user interface to be really well-thought-out with this app. Everything you need is within reach yet there is no sense of it feeling cluttered or busy.

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CarZen – Car Search and Shop


Pros and Cons


  • The app is extremely user-friendly
  • This is a visual experience so you’re getting lots of images and even video reviews
  • The search combs through more than two million listings and it is always being updated


  • This app is only available on your iPad

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Final Words

The CarZen app for your iPad is a beautiful visual experience that is also filled with massive amounts of information. This one is quick and easy to use and you will definitely walk away with helpful details.

CarZen – Car Search and Shop

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