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Crossword Help app review: don't find yourself stuck 2021



Many people shy away from crosswords because let's face it: they can be pretty difficult. The Crossword Helper app can make the difference between finishing the puzzle with ease and leaving it incomplete.

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This crossword clue app works by identifying anagrams, synonyms, and word patterns. There are three different types of word lists integrated into the crossword app for iPhone so there shouldn't ever be a word you can't get.

What's great is that it also supports a variety of English dictionaries (American, British, Australian, and Canadian). This feature alone might not make it the best crossword app in the iTunes store, but it certainly helps it to stand out amongst its peers. 

Crossword Help


What’s the Word?

How many times have you attempted a crossword puzzle only to be left completely confused by a word or possibly a whole handful and therefore unable to complete the puzzle?

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It can be rather frustrating and turn you off crossword puzzles all together. The Crossword Help app can be used to get you over those bumps and ensure you don’t get hung up on any of the words. The app is able to help with anagrams, synonyms, and patterns.

There is an offline thesaurus included in the app and as mentioned it supports American, Canadian, British, and Australian English, making it incredibly versatile.

In the app's most recent update, which was a year ago now, there were some minor bug fixes and the app was made to support iOS 7.0. The app scores a respectable 3.5 out of five stars from users and doesn't have any customer comments at this time.

What’s the Word? image

Word Lists that Help

You are given three different word lists in the Crossword Help app. These are meant to aid in more advanced word searches.

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The Advanced list features more than 750,000 words and compounds, the Basic list features over 110,000 words and the most common compounds, and lastly is the Wikipedia list where you will have millions of words straight from the informational site.

When you're searching for a word you may already know one or more letters, which you can type in. Search for partial anagrams, view synonyms, and more. You won't need an Internet connection to use the app but if you are connected you can actually look up the meanings of words and use the app as a dictionary.

The user interface is rather bland and a bit cumbersome to use. It would be nice if this could be made to be a little more user-friendly and engaging. Also, searching through the possible words the app comes up with can take quite a while so this app probably won't save you much time.

Word Lists that Help image

Crossword Help


Pros and Cons


  • The app offers three different word lists from the most basic to advanced
  • View words, compounds, nouns, synonyms, anagrams, and more
  • Type in the amount of letters you do know in the word and go from there
  • The app doesn’t require Internet access


  • The user interface is dull and not engaging
  • Going through the word lists can be cumbersome

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Crossword Help app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone may not help you solve the puzzle quickly but it can help you with those words you find yourself stuck on.

Crossword Help

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