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X-Table app review: a multiplication table game



X-Table - multiplication table game is an iPhone and iPad app to help your kids learn their multiplication facts. You start with a nine by nine table, and then increasing to give you more and more questions.

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X-Table - multiplication table game


Practice Your Facts

X-Table - multiplication table game will help your child practice their multiplication facts. I downloaded it to use in my tutoring program, and it is a fun way to start our sessions. I appreciate the randomness of the questions, because previously I would give a laminated sheet and my students would rhyme off down the times tables. By having them in random order, you have to know the facts more, and therefore it tests your skills more.

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I also appreciate that it tracks your errors, and tells you which questions you had difficulty with. This is handy for practicing the questions that you have difficulty with. I know I have trouble with 7x6, 7x8, and a few others, so the app lists these when I get them wrong. Having had trouble with these my whole life, I have adapted to recognize the correct answers, so it will be a great help for those tricky questions.

Adjust the Grid

X-Table - multiplication table game allows you to adjust the grid to where you need it. If you are only practicing up to 3 x 3, then you can stop there. If you want to do your six times questions up to 12, you can adjust the grid accordingly. Then you just save the grid and the student can practice the grid you created. The nine by nine grid is the default grid in the list to get you practicing and get a feel for the app.

I also like that there are color options. You can set it to blue which is default, or green, orange, purple, yellow, or red. You can also alter the complimentary color if you want a more subtle look. This will give a step look to line up the number by itself columns rather than have a guiding line. I prefer the line so my students don’t have to touch the screen all the time accidentally setting off a function.

X-Table - multiplication table game


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Great learning tool
  • Tracks your errors
  • Customizable colors
  • Customize your grids to teach any question range you’d like


  • None found

Final Thoughts

X-Table - multiplication table game is a great educational iPhone and iPad app for helping your students learn and practice their multiplication table facts. With the customizable table range and random movement of questions around the table, your student will learn to memorize the facts rather than learning them by rote in order. I appreciate the color options as there are many people who have difficulty with certain colors, and you can turn on the ruling guide, or just have the number by itself. With so many options, and grid customizations, I really like this app. Overall, it is well-developed to tell you your errors by question, not just how many. It is a useful app in many ways, and definitely one I will recommend in the future.

X-Table - multiplication table game

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