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Lead Wars app review: a classic paper and pencil game comes to iPad 2021



Lead Wars is a digital version of the classic paper war games and pencil war game brought to your iPhone or iPad. There are several tutorials to help you learn to play, which is good because even with that I messed it up!

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For more details on this good iPhone game app, check out our Lead Wars app review. Once finished, let us know what you think of this game.

Lead Wars


Paper and Pencil War Game

Lead Wars is a great game for your kids to play that involves strategy, forethought, and geometry. In the paper and pencil game, you move your tank or vehicle along the page by holding the pencil, pressing down hard, and the line that the lead makes when the pencil flicks out is the path that your vehicle takes.

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In the digital version, you tap to select, pull your pencil back, and then it lets go and there is a line of attack. You don’t have to press hard, and if you let go too soon then you have to try again.

I kept pulling the pencil the wrong way thinking I had to draw a line, but you want to pull it down to move up. It’s confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy enough.

I like that there are so many different ways to fight and that basic training is as involved as it is. You are taught each move in succession by practicing, and if you forget, then you can easily go back to try again.

Paper and Pencil War Game image

Build Your Own Environment

Lead Wars has a portion of the game where you can build your own environment. If you like to have a lot of barriers, then set them up, if you prefer bush cover, then do that.

The game is very versatile, and the landscapes are limited only to your imagination. Once set up, play against the computer via Game Center, or find a friend in the same manner.

If you need more space, then you can zoom out to flick your pencil with more accuracy, and if you need a closer look, you can zoom in as well.

A lot of games limit you to the paper size, or fill the whole screen, but with this game, they let you zoom out until the paper is about one-eighth of the screen as viewed on a desk.

Build Your Own Environment image

Lead Wars


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Great strategy game
  • Brings back memories of the original paper and pencil game
  • No need to lose your pencil on the floor or risk hitting your opponent


  • Moving is tricky, but once you get the hang of it you’re set

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Lead Wars is a paper and pencil game brought to iPad and iPhone for your paperless pleasure. I downloaded it for my son as he has been playing games on paper with his friends for years. I had thought that he could set up a field and we could play together, but this isn’t the case.

Without the Game Center link, you are stuck. Overall, this is still a great app that brings back memories. Enjoy it with your dad for some old-fashioned bonding time.

Lead Wars

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