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Hear - Anonymously Talk & Listen app review



When it comes to social networking apps, Hear - Anonymously Talk & Listen is a game-changer. This app lets users use their iPhone or iPad to connect with total strangers from anywhere in the world with the promise of anonymity.

We all remember the unique kind of fun and thrill that came with talking to random people in a chatroom over a decade ago, but with social media networks, anonymity is often compromised. This app changes all that as the developers focus on ensuring that your details will always be secure.

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Safety and Anonymity

Hear - Anonymously Talk & Listen is only available to iPhone and iPad users who have a North American account in the App Store. You also need to be at least 13 years old to use this app, and users that are between the ages of 13 and 17 will only be able to connect with users of the same age group.

Whether you've got a burning and embarrassing question that you'd like to ask a total stranger, or you're simply feeling chatty, this app will let you talk to a random person who will have no idea who you are, unless you tell them yourself.

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Talk anonymously with anybody
Talk anonymously with anybody

In-App Purchases

With all these conversations going on, you might be curious as to what people talk about. If you're feeling shy, just pick the Listen option and start eavesdropping. The people who are actually in the conversation will have no way of knowing whether someone is listening in.

Users will start with a limited number of “minutes” in which they can either talk to listen to other people after which they must make an in-app purchase of 99 cents for 10 minutes, or $7.99 for 120 minutes. You can also get free minutes by inviting your friends to use the app.

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Listen in to conversations
Listen in to conversations

Pros & Cons


  • Talk to a complete stranger about absolutely anything
  • Can be used by those aged 13 to 17, who will only be connected to users of the same age range
  • Eavesdrop on any conversations without the talkers knowing
  • Eavesdroppers are muted, so they will never be heard by the talkers
  • Report anyone who is trolling you
  • Get free minutes when you start using the app
  • Get free minutes when you invite others to start using the app


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Simple and intuitive interface
Simple and intuitive interface

Final Words

Hear - Anonymously Talk & Listen is a very unique app that is sure to appeal to a lot of people and enable them to express themselves in a very real way. I really hope that more users get this app on their iPhones and iPads; I'd love to see this app become very popular because the promise of anonymity will help users practice expressing themselves in a safe environment, which will hopefully carry over to the real people in their lives.


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