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ThinkBook app review: a simplified approach to note-taking



If you need to be able to take notes in a quick and simple way as well as make outlines, to-do lists, and more then we have a multi-tasking tool for you. The ThinkBook app for your iPad gives you the ability to take all the notes you need with a number of powerful features and task management tools included. Use this app to jot down ideas, tasks, questions, and more with the ability to create pages and notebooks so you can keep everything well-organized.

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ThinkBook - Todos, Notes, Projects, Outlines


Be Productive

Here's your chance to be productive with help from the ThinkBook app. This app works very smoothly and fast so you are able to write your notes with ease. While it has many of the tools you'd expect in an app like this it's also got some unusual features such as the fact it uses gesture control to move around your notes and create indents. All you have to do is tap on the slider and you'll be able to check out all the different controls. To make the app even more user-friendly you can take a tutorial of the app that describes all the different functions.

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The app was updated just over a year ago with a bug fix. It scores quite high with users who have given it four out of five stars. Customers have described it as simple to use, it has a nice variety of features, but it appears that it may be very sensitive when it comes to the controls.

Take and organize notes with ease
Take and organize notes with ease

Using the Features

The ThinkBook app has a number of great features going for it such as the fact you can create notebooks with their own individual pages. This is great if you're working on a project for instance and will be taking a variety of notes all pertaining to it. You'll notice that your notes can be collapsed, indented, and moved around with the gesture controls. Make use of tags so you can then do a tag search or a text search. You can add attachments to your notes such as images, documents, videos, music, and PDFs. The app supports Dropbox integration and there are four different themes you can choose from to customize the experience.

The best iPad apps for note-taking

The app is really a very fluid experience. The user interface has been beautifully designed with simplicity at the core. I really appreciate that you can mold this app as you like so that it fits your own note-taking needs.

The app uses gesture controls
The app uses gesture controls

ThinkBook - Todos, Notes, Projects, Outlines


Pros and Cons


  • The app has a beautiful, simple, and smooth user interface
  • The app supports Dropbox
  • Add attachments to notes
  • Create notebooks along with their own pages
  • The app uses gesture controls to move and manipulate the notes


  • Some users have found the gesture controls to be a bit too sensitive at times

Create to-do lists
Create to-do lists

Final Thoughts

The ThinkBook app for your iPad can help you when it comes to note-taking thanks to a wide range of user-friendly tools that offers you total control.


ThinkBook - Todos, Notes, Projects, Outlines

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