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MyScript Smart Note app review: handwrite all your notes



There's just something about being able to hand write your notes that feels so comfortable, but the problem is you don't always have a pad of paper on hand to jot them down. The MyScript Smart Note for your iPad makes it possible to write all the notes you want right on your mobile device. It's not just note-taking though; you can also draw, annotate, add equations, and even attach sounds and pictures to your notes. The app works by transforming your handwritten equations and notes into interactive text.

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MyScript Smart Note - Handwriting notes


The Future of Note-Taking

The MyScript Smart Note app is really the future of note-taking, being able to transform any math problem you jot down or handwritten notes into interactive text. The text can then be searched, edited, attachments added, and more. The app uses gesture controls so that you can erase sections, join them, split them, and move them around. The free version of the app gives you a notebook complete with 10 pages for you to fill. The text can be copied and pasted to other text applications if you like such as Numbers, Keynote, Pages, and iWork. You can also send a full notebook or a page at a time to addresses found in your contact book.

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The app was last updated just a few weeks ago with some minor bug fixes and updates for those using iOS 8. The app currently has four out of five stars from users. There is a premium upgrade available for $1.99 that gives you additional features such as an unlimited amount of pages and notebooks, more advanced capability when it comes to import/export, the ability to annotate PDF documents, and the ability to print pages with AirPrint.

Make handwritten notes on your iPad
Make handwritten notes on your iPad

How Simple Is It?

So how easy is it to use the MyScript Smart Note app? It's pretty simple actually: the entire user experience feels very professional, well thought-out, and user-friendly. You're given the basic tools you'll need to write and draw as well as select particular sections and erase. What's cool is being able to "interact" with the words, which means you can do a search through Google or Wikipedia. You can add elements to your notes such as voice recordings, images that can be rotated and re-sized, and even make sketches that you can add to notes. What's cool is that the app is also able to support 54 different languages when it comes to the handwriting recognition.

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Add attachments to your notes
Add attachments to your notes

MyScript Smart Note - Handwriting notes


Pros and Cons


  • The app is incredibly smooth and easy to use
  • The handwriting recognition supports 54 different languages
  • Write, draw, and make math notes/equations
  • Import/export notes
  • Share notebooks/pages with contacts
  • The app uses gesture control to make edits, move sections, and erase


  • There were some minor bugs that required fixing

Import PDF files
Import PDF files

Final Words

The MyScript Smart Note app can be used on your iPad as a way to make handwritten notes quickly and easily. The app features a nice selection of user-friendly tools and plenty of ways to edit the notes.


MyScript Smart Note - Handwriting notes

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