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Weather Butler Animated app review: a what to wear assistant



Weather Butler Animated is an iPhone and iPad weather app that helps you figure out what to wear for the day. A few years ago the Weather Network had a feature like this on their website, and I’ve been looking for a replacement ever since!

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Weather Butler Animated


A Different Kind of Weather Forecast

Weather Butler Animated is a different kind of weather forecast. It uses location-based information to give you both a general forecast and clothing suggestions. For example, for tomorrow it says that it will be 13°C and I should wear pants, but bring my rubber boots and umbrella because it’s supposed to rain.

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For tonight it says to don a parka if I have to go out, but that it won’t rain at least! The scenes have active backgrounds with clouds moving if it’s cloudy, rain falling if the weather will be wet, and so on. I can’t wait to see the snow! On Hallowe’en it was windy and rainy, and the leaves were blowing like crazy on the screen!

Additional Features

Weather Butler Animated has five buttons along the bottom. In the menu you can select Celsius or Fahrenheit, turn notifications on or off, view FAQ, like on Facebook right through the app, or change the language. There is also an Imprint option that informs you of all the publishing and privacy info. The compass wheel back on the main screen brings you to your current location if you are away from home, the search lets you check other locations, there is an easy share button to Facebook, Twitter, or SMS, and finally a graph to show you how the weather will change over time.

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Other functions for the app would include helping special needs people if they have trouble deciding what to wear for going out of the house. It could help teach younger children how to predict what to wear by observing the various clues. For example, you could say to them that it is 18°C and it will be 25°C this afternoon. What clothes should I wear? This would be a great exercise to teach kids. You could also go backwards and have them deduce the possible outdoor temperature from the clothing seen.

Weather Butler Animated


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Teaching tool for kids
  • Special needs assistant to help dress appropriately
  • Great when you need to go outside but can’t see a window
  • Active screen to visually see the weather


  • Only one location at a time where as most weather apps allow you to view multiple cities more easily

Final Thoughts

Weather Butler Animated is an iPhone and iPad weather app that helps you to know what to wear outside. I love that the screen is animated so you can see the rain fall, the wind blow, or just the clouds pass the stars. It is beautifully designed, and could also be used to assist special needs individuals who have trouble deciding what is appropriate to wear for the day. Overall, great app, and I would recommend it for a variety of purposes.

Weather Butler Animated

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