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Chalkboard Air app review: a mobile chalkboard



Think back to when you were a kid about how fun it was to play on the chalkboard; in fact, there's a good chance you still love it. The Chalkboard Air app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is able to provide you with a mobile chalkboard experience. Now you and your kids can have all the fun a chalkboard offers without those messy chalky hands to clean up afterwards. There are plenty of different colored chalks to use, giving you the ability to be really creative.

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Chalkboard Air


Play on the Chalkboard

Are your fingers itching to do a little drawing? If so the Chalkboard Air app will give you the tools you need to be creative with chalk. Your device will be instantly transformed into a chalkboard and you have your choice of chalks colors to use, all of which are extremely realistic. What's great is that you get to make full use of your screen which gives you all the space you need to be creative. Artwork can be saved and shared, and you can import a photo and open a creation.

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The app is a brand-new release so it doesn't have any customer comments, a customer rating, or updates at this time. Keep in mind that this offering requires iOS 8.0 or later in order to use it. The app is classified as an educational one but really this one is as much fun as it is educational.

Access to the tools you need
Access to the tools you need

Creative Tools

In order for you to be creative the Chalkboard Air app gives you a few different tools and features. Not only can you choose the color of chalk you want to use but you can also change the brush opacity and size. Anytime you want to erase your work just use the eraser tool. There is a redo/undo function, as you draw you'll hear the chalk sounds, you can make use of the drawing tools (eclipse, rectangle, and line tool), and if you want to start from scratch you can clean the entire board. There are a variety of backgrounds to use that will match your artistic vision.

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I really like how the tools appear as you access them, as it's very sleek and modern. What's great is that they then disappear out of site to give you back the full screen again. Thanks to the user-friendly features this one can be used pretty much by all ages.

Make use of the full screen
Make use of the full screen

Chalkboard Air


Pros and Cons


  • The app is simple and streamlined
  • It can be used by adults and kids
  • Choose the color of your background
  • Choose the chalk color, brush size, and brush opacity
  • Save your work
  • Share your work
  • There is an eraser tool plus the undo/redo features


  • The app is very simple without a huge selection of tools

Save and share
Save and share

Final Thoughts

The Chalkboard app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone may not give you the huge selection of tools that some others do but this one is very smooth and responsive, making it a real winner.


Chalkboard Air

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