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Circles Dodge app review: watch out for circles



We've got the perfect casual game for players to enjoy that features easy-to-use controls and simple rules. The Circles Dodge app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone that will have you dodging out of the way of the circles that are coming at you. You'll be able to earn bonus points and even compare your score with your friends. Don’t let the simple controls and rules of this game fool you though because there’s nothing simple about mastering it!

Circles Dodge


Ease of Use is a Top Priority

With the Circles Dodge app it seems as though ease of use was a top priority. The controls are very easy: just press right to turn right and press left to turn left. Remember you're trying to dodge the circles here and each time you dodge with a near miss you'll earn yourself some bonus points. You want to last as long as possible so you can keep tallying up the points. The app supports Game Center and Leaderboards. You're also able to share your score through Facebook and Google Plus.

The app has just recently been updated with some bug fixes, Crazy Mode has been made even more difficult, some additional menu options, and you can remove ads in the action phase. The app scores a perfect five star rating from users but doesn't have any customer comments at this time.

A retro style arcade game
A retro style arcade game

The Game Play Experience

The Circles Dodge app provides users with a really smooth gaming experience. It’s almost got a relaxing yet cool futuristic vibe going for it with its graphics. When you launch the game you’ve only got three simple options: view the Leaderboard, start a new game, or enter Crazy Mode. As far as customization tools go you can play with the sound on or off. I personally love the sounds as they are the retro style arcade sounds that blend so perfect with the graphics and gameplay. Posting your score for friends to see is simple at the end of the game you can share it right to Facebook. You can replay the level as often as you like as you try to perfect your game.

This app obviously isn’t filled with fancy graphics and flashy features; this is truly a casual game that you’ll just pick up and spend a little time here and there with. In that sense it’s a really entertaining option.

The game controls are fluid and simple
The game controls are fluid and simple

Circles Dodge


Pros and Cons


  • The game controls are very easy to understand
  • The app supports Game Center and Leaderboards
  • You can share your high score on Facebook
  • The graphics and sound effects have a retro arcade style to them
  • The game is entertaining and challenging


  • This may not offer enough features and tools for some gamers to be satisfied with

Circles Dodge screenshot
Circles Dodge screenshot

Final Thoughts

The Circles Dodge app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant for those with a love of casual games that have a retro arcade vibe going for it. It’s smooth and easy to understand and can be played by all ages.


Circles Dodge

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