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The Clock Collection app review: beautiful iPad display clocks



The Clock Collection - Platinum Edition is an app for the iPad which zeroes in on a single function - to provide users with cool, unique, and sometimes amazing clocks - and goes all out on it!

This app costs $6.99, and is worth every penny for the regular user of iPads as well as those who often have their iPads on their docks be it while they are playing music through speakers, or going to bed at night.

Let's take a look at its features.

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The Clock Collection - Platinum Edition


If Looks Could Kill...

The Clock Collection - Platinum Edition comes with a collection of more than 40 styles of clocks, which users can preview at any time, and in “real time,” too. Despite this, it'll only take up just under 30 MB of space on your iPad.

Whether you dock your iPad in portrait or landscape mode, each of the clocks is designed to adjust to the orientation you desire. There are more than 300 professional preset color schemes to choose from, and you can also design your own if you wish to do so.

Furthermore, if you want the color of the clock to perfectly match, say, your sofa, or your wall, then you can capture the exact color using your iPad's camera, and incorporate that into your color scheme!

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Choose from 10 clocks
Choose from 10 clocks

Chiming Clocks

This app also features a speaking clock which will recite the time to you in three formats, either when you touch the screen, or automatically at your pre-designated intervals. Snooze alarms and chimes are also incorporated in this app with ten kinds of sounds available to “chime” at you when you wish to be alerted. Alternatively, use visual cues to be alerted at those intervals if you don't wish to use sound.

You'll be able to adjust the background brightness of the app to suit the room's lighting conditions, so you can use the app whether you're having an outdoor party, or you're about to turn in for the night.

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Unique time-telling displays

The Clock Collection - Platinum Edition


Pros & Cons


  • More than 40 stunning clocks included
  • Full-screen preview of the clocks
  • More than 300 professional preset color schemes along with the ability to design your own
  • Use your iPad camera to take photos and use them in your color schemes
  • Supports both portrait and landscape modes
  • Speaking clock in three formats when you touch the screen or automatically
  • Control the background brightness to ensure the clock is suitable for all types of room lighting
  • Snooze alarms and chimes are also incorporated with ten sound schemes available


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Clocks to suit all purposes
Clocks to suit all purposes

Final Words

The Clock Collection - Platinum Edition is one of the coolest apps for the iPad, and definitely worth every penny. I will be recommending it to all my friends, and showing it off whenever someone asks me for the time!


The Clock Collection - Platinum Edition

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