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Beesy app review: a note-taking and task management tool 2021



With so many projects and tasks going on in the workplace at one time it can be hard to keep everything managed and well-organized. The Beesy project management app can be used on your iPad as a way to take notes during your meeting and it even features automated tools that will make your life easy.

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This is a professional task management tool that is meant for the workplace and allows you to take meeting minutes very easily and quickly. Additionally, this personal task management app has automated to-do lists and project/task management capabilities.

Continue reading our Beesy app review and let us know if you think it's one of the best iPhone apps for task management.



A Professional Tool for Professional Business People

If you're a professional business person then you want a task management app that is able to provide you with professional level tools that meet your requirements and needs. The Beesy app may just be exactly what you're looking for.

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The app is described as a "structured note taking" tool that is able to sync with your address book, calendars, and offers an automated to-do organizer that is incredibly simple to use. The app has been designed to be used by those who need to take meeting notes, sales people, project managers, and managers.


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Highlighting the Features

There are a number of features in the Beesy app; in fact, there are too many to mention them all. Some of the notable features include being able to add audio records right to your notes, add bullet points, import photos to add to your notes, an actions summary, a notification tool, and two-finger drag and drop functionality.

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The app supports EverNote sharing of the notes as well as exporting and updating your notes. Additional features include on-demand sub-filtering of tasks and on-demand to-do per type, per meeting, per project, per contact, or per task.

Additionally there is the ability to write/draw/annotate right on maps and web page screenshots, you can use a keyboard with this project planning app, it is protected by a pin code, and each task can be set up to follow its own template.

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Pros and Cons


  • The app is absolutely filled with user-friendly tools and features
  • The app offers drag and drop functionality
  • It supports EverNote
  • This is a professional-level tool
  • There are plenty of customization features


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Final Thoughts

The Beesy app for your iPad can help you become that well-organized person in the office that you've always wanted to be through a variety of professional-level and user-friendly tools.


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