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Free WiFi Cafe Spots app review: always find a hotspot



There is nothing worse than being overseas and finding yourself unable to connect to the Internet, but with Free WiFi Cafe Spots installed on your iPhone and iPad you’ll always be able to find any nearby hotspots so you can get online and reconnect with your friends and family.

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This is a fairly run-of-the-mill addition to the genre of Wi-Fi hotspot apps, but having said that I still think it serves its purpose fairly well and is well worth keeping handy on your iOS device when you go abroad should you find yourself unable to locate a decent café with Wi-Fi.

Free WiFi Cafe Spots


Avoid Paying Roaming Fees

No one likes to be stuck in a foreign country or otherwise out of town without an Internet connection, and it can often become a gargantuan task trying to find a local café or Internet café that offers Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Rather than having to resort to paying excessive roaming fees or extortionately overpriced Internet café rates, use this app and you should have no problem finding nearby Wi-Fi hotspots with your device’s built-in GPS.

Find nearby cafes
Find nearby cafes

Find Nearby Wi-Fi Hotspots

If they’re available then Free WiFi Cafe Spots should make it very easy for you to track down a hotspot and get online, and with the integrated search facility you’ll have access to a full list of the Wi-Fi hotspots based on the city you’re in.

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All in all, this is a solidly developed app with a lot to offer tourists, so be sure to download it because you never know when you might need it.

Never get caught offline
Never get caught offline

Free WiFi Cafe Spots


Pros & Cons


  • Never be without an Internet connection while traveling overseas
  • Provides a great way of getting online without having to pay excessive roaming fees
  • Use the integrated search facility to find Wi-Fi hotspots based on the city you’re in
  • Use your device’s built-in GPS to quickly find nearby Wi-Fi hotspots


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Locate hotspots on a map
Locate hotspots on a map

Final Words

Free WiFi Cafe Spots is the kind of iPhone and iPad app that you probably won’t need until, well, you need it! With that in mind I’d definitely recommend downloading it onto your iOS device.


Free WiFi Cafe Spots

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