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Spelling Star app review: spelling mastery simplified 2021



Whether you're preparing for the SAT or an upcoming spelling bee, the Spelling Star app is an iPhone and iPad app that you might be worth checking out to improve your spelling skills.

What we have here is a Spelling Stars app that lets you create spelling lists, throw in your own audio, and then practice spelling each word in what feels like a game format.

You'll find this app in the Education section of the App Store, where it is available for the small price of 99 cents. Since this app is ad-free and works well, I'd say the price tag is justified.

Let's take a closer look in our Spelling Stars reviews to see what's available in this app. After you have read this Spelling Star reviews, head on over to our best of lists for more great apps. 

Spelling Star


Create Your Own Lists

Spelling Star downloads in just a few moments, as it's a lightweight app which only takes up 13.3 MB of space. The app is very simple yet has all the functions and features that students, parents, or teachers would require in order to create and practice with word lists.

Creating a word list is as simple as entering words and recording the audio for them. Users also have the option of creating duplicates of any list so that they can modify the entries slightly to cater to different students' needs.

Create Your Own Lists image

Practice and Progress

When you start practicing a list, you'll be able to receive hints for your word in case you get stuck. If you spell the word correctly without asking for a hint, you'll earn a star! Earn three stars on a word and it'll be removed from the list.

What I love about this app is that unlike many other spelling apps, if you get a word wrong, you can redo it immediately without having to go through the rest of the list. This means there's more chance of reinforcement of the correct spelling.

The app has comprehensive progress-tracking functions so parents, teachers, or even the students themselves can immediately take a look at how well each list has been done immediately after a practice run. The screen where each of the lists is displayed for selection also shows the progress for that particular list.

Practice and Progress image

Spelling Star


Pros & Cons


  • Receive hints if you get stuck
  • Earn a star whenever you spell a word correctly without hints
  • Spell a word correctly three times without hints, and the word is removed
  • Gives users the option to redo the word if you get it wrong without going through the rest of the list
  • Track your or your child/students' progress
  • Receive stars for getting the correct answers
  • Make a duplicate of any list
  • Create lists and share them with your students or friends


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Spelling Star is a well-rounded app without the fluff features that often serve to confuse or at least annoy the user. I'd highly recommend this iPhone and iPad app to anyone who wishes to strengthen their spelling skills.

Spelling Star

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