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Kujira app review: a new way to view the world



Just because you may not be able to travel the world doesn't mean you can enjoy looking at fabulous photos from around the globe. The Kujira app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way to share what it is you're seeing and check out the photos of others. The concept behind this app is really quite simple and smart: you take a photo of something you see and share it, and in return you'll be able to view a photo that someone else has shared.

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Swap photos with the world - Kujira


Travel the World through Pictures

Now you'll be able to travel the world through photos and see all the incredible sites it has to offer. The Kujira app works as a photo sharing app where you snap a picture of the cool and beautiful things around you, share it, and then you'll get a photo back in return. The photo can come from any person in any location in the world, you'll never know what you'll get back. Photos always include the location name so you are never left wondering where it was taken.

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This app has recently been updated so the city name now appears with the photo. As well there were some minor bug fixes made. Kujira requires iOS 8.0 to use. As of right now it doesn't have a customer rating or any customer comments. The app is free to use without the need of in-app purchases.

Take a picture and share it
Take a picture and share it

Sharing Photos

Kujira can actually be the kick-off point to starting new conversations and making new friends because once you take your photo you can also include your Twitter ID to it. This allows the recipient to contact you and chat about your photo. This works in reverse as you’ll be able to contact those whose photos have sparked your interest. Any photos you receive you can also turn around and share with all of your friends and family on Twitter getting those great shots out to an even bigger audience.

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Some details to point out in this app are that you'll be able to apply filters to your photos to give them that artistic edge. Once you are finished applying the filter you can save it to your Photo Album. Keep in mind the way this app works is that the more photos you share, the more you'll receive so the user experience is completely in your control.

Include your Twitter ID so you can be contacted by the recipient
Include your Twitter ID so you can be contacted by the recipient

Swap photos with the world - Kujira


Pros and Cons


  • The app allows you to share your photos with people around the world
  • Share a photo and get one in return, the more you share the more you’ll receive
  • Apply filters to your photos
  • Your pictures can be saved to your Photo Album
  • You can attach your Twitter ID to your photo so the recipient can contact you


  • There aren't any editing tools

Choose your filters
Choose your filters

Final Thoughts

The Kujira app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is an opportunity to discover some beautiful sites around the world and share your own amazing photos. This app feels unique and gets addictive as you will want to receive more and more photos.


Swap photos with the world - Kujira

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