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Let There Be Life app review: create a beautiful setting



Here's a chance to build your own beautiful scene that is relaxing and filled with wildlife. The Let There Be Life app for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad has actually won an award thanks to the beauty it offers and the wonderfully calming experience. In this game you'll be able to build trees, be sure the plant life can flourish, and interact with the forest wildlife. There are no brain-bending challenges here or crazy controls; in fact, the "challenge" in this game is to do things the way you want and to have a relaxing experience.

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Let There Be Life


Your Game, Your Unique Experience

What's cool about the Let There Be Life app is that the gaming experience is really what you make of it. In fact the strategy you'll need going into this game is to just relax and enjoy yourself. Your only challenge is to grow trees however you want to grow them. There are 34 different levels and you'll be able to design trees in each of them, placing them in spots that allow the plants to still thrive in the sunlight. Keep in mind your tree will grow so you’ll want to consider where the shade will be hitting.

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This is a brand-new release so right now there are no updates. Because it's so new there isn't a customer rating yet nor have players had a chance to make any comments about it. It only requires iOS 4.0 or later so it’s compatible with most devices, even the older ones.

Your Game, Your Unique Experience image

The Gaming Experience

Unlike most games this one doesn't get your heart racing, it's not a battle against the clock, and you don't need fast reflexes; in fact, the opposite is true with the Let There Be Life app. With this game it's all about beauty, creativity, and creating a sense of calmness and relaxation. You’ll find the graphics and colors chosen help to create this serene environment that the game is promoting.

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I really enjoy that the moment you launch the game this calming atmosphere is promoted with beautiful nature sounds as you listen to the birds chirping away. The game controls are all very easy as is the game concept. Planting the trees requires a bit of strategy as you take a look around at where the plants are. I love all the little touches such as the birds that land in your tree, the variety of plants, and even the petals and leaves that fall from your tree to the ground.

The Gaming Experience image

Let There Be Life


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful serene graphics and sounds
  • There are no confusing rules or game controls
  • The game requires a bit of strategizing and planning but not in an overly challenging way


  • There isn’t a whole lot of challenge here so for some people this may not fit the bill

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Let There Be Life app for your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone is one of those games that acts as a wonderful escape as you become completely involved in the gorgeous sounds and sights.

Let There Be Life

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