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iMindQ app review: map out your ideas and thoughts



Remember when flow charts were the thing to do in order to layout your ideas and thoughts and organize a big project? We've got an app that takes things way further and can prove to be incredibly productive - it's the iMindQ app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. This app is described as a mind mapping tool that encourages brainstorming, creative thinking, visualizing your ideas, and becoming inspired. All of this information can then be managed in a user-friendly and powerful visual way.

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iMindQ (mind mapping) | Brainstorming app


Visual, Be Creative, and Manage the Information

The iMindQ app can be helpful on so many different levels as it allows and encourages you to visualize, be creative, be thoughtful, and then organize all this information into a user-friendly format. Think of this as your own virtual white board that you can you can fill up with your ideas and thoughts. Your "white board" is actually called a map in this app and you are given 30 different styles to choose from. Start by naming your map then you can start to fill it up with thoughts and ideas. The app allows you to copy/paste, undo/redo, create topics and then subtopics, and even save your map as an image. Not to worry this app offers auto-save so you don't risk losing any important information.

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iMindQ requires iOS 7.0 or later to use and currently has 3.5 out of five stars from users. It has recently been through a pretty extensive update where all kinds of enhancements and changes were made resulting in a smoother more user-friendly experience.

Map out your thoughts and ideas
Map out your thoughts and ideas

Be As Productive As You Like

The iMindQ app really allows you to be as productive as you like and you can make the experience whatever you want it to be. Your maps can be as simple and brief as you want or as complex and filled with information as needed. You can add in hyperlinks to a topic, notes, icons, change the font, change the shape of a topic, and it supports the Bluetooth keyboard. Maps can be shared on Twitter and Facebook with friends and family.

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The app supports Dropbox integration, you can print them, and even clone them and make a template out of your existing one. The tools actually get pretty complex and allow you to do some rather advanced things such as inserting boundaries, create relationships between topics, group familiar maps, and so much more.

Share your maps with others
Share your maps with others

iMindQ (mind mapping) | Brainstorming app


Pros and Cons


  • Acts as a white board of sorts
  • Create maps of ideas and thoughts, there are 30 map styles to choose from
  • There are plenty of customization tools
  • Add topics and subtopics to your maps
  • Share maps by Facebook and Twitter
  • The app offers Dropbox integration


  • Because some of the tools are rather complex there is a learning curve involved with this app

Syncing options
Syncing options

Final Thoughts

The iMindQ app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone may just change how you go about organizing your thoughts and ideas. This app is loaded up with tons of features, some of which take a little practicing to figure out.


iMindQ (mind mapping) | Brainstorming app

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