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Slice & Splice app review: a new take on patterning



Slice & Splice is a patterning app that will help your child learn to create various shapes on the iPhone and iPad. With five different levels and 240 puzzles, this app will provide hours of fun.

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Slice & Splice


Slide, Rotate, and Place

In Slice & Splice, there are 240 puzzles in five different difficulty levels. The levels are Easy-Peasy, Regular Blend, Hardboiled, Toy Box, and Kiddie Pool. Each of these levels has 48 different puzzles.

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I started up the Easy-Peasy round, and each level gets one slice. It took me a couple tries for most levels to find the right slice, but all you have to do is click on the reset button to try again. And trust me, I did that a lot! Another thing that you need to know is that you have to build your shape from the top down. If you don’t and you bump the bottom one, then you have to start all over again assembling your creation. This isn’t the end of the world, but it is annoying. There is a satisfying wood-on-wood thump though when you bump them together!

How to play
How to play

Practice Your Spatial Problem Solving

Slice & Splice allows you to practice your spatial problem-solving. Other apps that use shapes to create designs give you several shapes that you can turn and manipulate into place. This game, however, gives you one big block that you must first cut, then manipulate. This is where the thinking starts.

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After a few failed cuts, it is very satisfying to finally get the shapes into place! My son who is 11 tried a few levels, and it was a great exercise for him because he struggles with these things. I had him sit with it for a good half hour, waiting for him to figure out how it works, but ready to help him if necessary. He caught on, and then took it to be a fun puzzle game. He does like riddles, and took the slicing to be the puzzle part of the game.

Over 240 puzzles
Over 240 puzzles

Slice & Splice


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Challenging puzzles of five different levels
  • Use your one cut carefully
  • Easy reset to start the level again
  • Awarded points based on time, resets, and more


  • None found

Challenging gameplay
Challenging gameplay

Final Thoughts

Slice & Splice is an iPhone and iPad puzzle game that requires you to make one cut to the shape so that you can manipulate it into place. Unlike other geometry apps, you get one irregular large piece rather than several small pieces that you have to manipulate. This definitely adds to the challenge, and I enjoyed this. Trying different cuts of the block to solve the puzzle, and if I got it wrong, simply clicking the restart button, was great fun. I really enjoyed this game, and will be keeping it around to use with my tutoring students.


Slice & Splice

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