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Flow for Instagram app review: user-friendly and stunning



The Flow instagram app is no longer in iTunes but you can find an alternative instagram photo editing app on our iPhone list. You can also find all the best iPhone apps on our applists. We have also reviewed these instagram apps or check out our iPhone app reviews:-

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Flow for Instagram is a delightful Instagram client for the iPad which is sure to revolutionize the way you experience Instagram.

What we have here is an app that allows you to browse through your beautiful memories on the bigger iPad screen in a unique and beautiful experience. It has some search functions and the ability to let you explore, view, and comment on others' inspired photography.

Flow for Instagram


Gesture-Based Functions

Flow for Instagram can be found in the Photo & Video section of the App Store, where it can be downloaded completely free of charge. This lightweight app will only take up 23.3 MB of space on your iPad, ensuring that all that space is saved up for your photos and videos rather than a clunky, heavy app.

This app has a smooth, gesture-based feature list, which lets you have an interactive experience with your iPad. Scroll, tap, swipe, and more as you explore the new media being constantly updated.

Users will also be able to have an immersive experience with both photos and videos as they can be viewed in their full size with full-screen mode. AirPlay support also allows users to view videos on a bigger screen.

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Gesture-Based Functions image

Functions & Features

Aside from looking at photos and videos, this app packs a bunch of features to help users get the most out of their Instagram account.

Search functions let you look up media by tags, by users, or by location. You can also bookmark these searches so you can quickly go back to the same user or tag with just a tap. Country-specific shopping and fashion feeds are also available.

Push notifications will be sent over to you when you receive new follows, likes, and comments. Finally, share your favorite images and videos to Facebook and Twitter, or save them on your camera roll.

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Functions & Features image

Flow for Instagram


Pros & Cons


  • Browse through photos on Instagram with ease
  • Loads photos and videos very quickly
  • Gesture-based interactions
  • Receive push notifications for new followers, likes, and comments on your photos and videos
  • Search by tags, users, and locations, and bookmark your searches
  • Fullscreen videos with AirPlay support
  • Share photos and videos to Facebook and Twitter, or to your camera roll


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Flow for Instagram is a fantastic Instagram browser for the iPad. If you're in the market for one of these, then you'll definitely want to check out this app, especially since it's free!

Flow for Instagram

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