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Engadget app review: tech news at your fingertips



Tech junkies who wish to stay up to date on the latest tech news will love Engadget: Tech news covering the world of consumer electronics, an app for the iPhone and iPad.

You'll find this one in the News section of the App Store where it can be downloaded free of charge onto your iDevice. It'll then continue to bring you news, reviews, and other details from the world of consumer electronics.

Let's take a closer look at the app's features.

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Engadget: Tech news covering the world of consumer electronics


App Interface

Engadget: Tech news covering the world of consumer electronics will take a couple of minutes to download, thanks to its 27.9 MB packaging. In this small and lightweight app, you'll find a stunning and intuitive interface which you can use to explore this wonderful app's content and become a tech expert in the know.

The Engadget website was launched ten years ago, and since, the magazine has evolved to cover various areas of tech news. This app covers daily news regarding everything from rockets launched into space to advancement in the field of biology, helping you understand all that's going on in the world of science.

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News Feed

News Feed

The user interface of this app is clean and modern, as you would expect from an app such as this one. The Engadget logo is perched at the top of the screen and the news of the day is displayed in a news feed fashion in chronological order. You'll find the headlines, date and time of publishing, and the author at a glance so you can decide what to read.

When you tap on an article, you'll be taken to a new screen with the accompanying image at the top followed by the headline, byline, and text of the article. On this screen, you will also be able to check out the comments from the top right of the screen. Tapping on the image will present you with a gallery in high-definition.

You'll also find video reviews in HDTV which will bring you a look at the various gadgets up close and personal.

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Article layout

Engadget: Tech news covering the world of consumer electronics


Pros & Cons


  • Free app
  • Contains news, reviews, and research regarding consumer electronics
  • Learn about the science and technology behind each of the gadgets
  • Find out about the coolest products which are about to hit the market
  • Latest smartphone news
  • High-definition photo galleries
  • Beautiful interface
  • Optimized for iOS 8


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Image galleries
Image galleries

Final Words

Engadget: Tech news covering the world of consumer electronics is a great iPhone and iPad app that is great both for tech junkies as well as those who want to learn more about the latest technology, trends, and tools available in the world around us.


Engadget: Tech news covering the world of consumer electronics

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