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Balloon Pop Challenge app review: pop balloons and brush up on math skills



If your child is getting tired of the typical learning-style apps here's one that feels a little different yet focuses on basic math skills. The Balloon Pop Challenge for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant for kids ages four and older and gives them a chance to really work on their math skills in a creative way. It covers such basics as colors, factors, multiples, division, multiplication, subtraction, and addition. The app offers easy-to-follow instructions, fabulous and fun graphics, and gameplay that appeals to all.

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Balloon Pop Challenge – The Math Learning Game!


Become a Math Whiz

Becoming a math whiz may be as easy as using the Balloon Pop Challenge app on a regular basis. You're able to choose the difficulty level between easy, normal, and hard so that it appeals to a wide range of ages. This is an interactive approach to math, which can often help with the general understanding of the subject. There are a few modes to use in the app: game mode, learning mode, challenge mode, and practice mode. At the start of each level the player will receive a motivational message and even hints which can make a big difference.

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The app hasn't been updated in quite some time but still has a strong four out of five stars from customers. There are currently no customer comments. In its last update some enhancements were made to the user interface and the gameplay itself.

Fun graphics and animations
Fun graphics and animations

Taking a Closer Look

The Balloon Pop Challenge doesn't disappoint where variety is concerned. As kids play the app will keep track of their grades and there is no limit on the amount of grade books, meaning each child will have his/her own profile. The app is filled with all kinds of adorable sounds, fabulous animations, and plenty of fun features. It doesn't matter what basic aspect of math your child needs to work on all are covered here. Because the app is keeping score it acts as a motivating factor as kids will want to keep trying until they achieve that elusive “A.”

In general this app offers a nice variety of tools and options that can definitely help with the learning experience. The interactive feel of all the different modes help to keep the attention of kids and keep them focused on the learning aspect.

There are plenty of different topics to learn about
There are plenty of different topics to learn about

Balloon Pop Challenge – The Math Learning Game!


Pros and Cons


  • Fun and bright graphics/animations
  • The app features plenty of interactive elements
  • There are a variety of modes
  • There are a variety of difficulty levels
  • The app keeps track of your child’s scores/progress
  • It will keep track of as many kids as you want
  • There are hints and motivational messages before each level


  • This one hasn’t been updated in quite some time

For kids and adults
For kids and adults

Final Thoughts

The Balloon Pop Challenge app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone could be a parent’s best friend when it comes to math basics. This one is child-friendly, engaging, and most of all, educational.


Balloon Pop Challenge – The Math Learning Game!

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