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Mega Crosswords To Go app review: get ready for a word challenge



If you're slightly addicted to crosswords we've got a crossword app that will feed that addiction without having to cart around a newspaper and pen. The Mega Crosswords To Go app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way to enjoy crossword puzzles no matter where you are and no matter your skill level. What’s fun is that there are all kinds of different themes as well as difficulty levels which keeps the app interesting. 

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Mega Crosswords To Go


Crosswords for All Levels and Interests

What is so mundane about the crossword puzzle in the newspaper is that it's generic, you don't get to pick your theme or your difficulty level so it may be quite dull or too challenging. The Mega Crosswords To Go app provides you with different puzzle packs with their own themes and difficulty levels. What's important to note is that this app is from Simon & Schuster who just so happens to have been in the business of publishing crossword puzzles for more than 85 years. Clearly they know how to put together a great puzzle!

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The way this app works is that you can purchase puzzle packs either as 50 packs that are categorized by their difficulty level or themes, or you can purchase a pack of 300 mixed puzzles. The free version offers users a sample pack so you can get a feel for the puzzles and the user interface. In-app purchases range in price from $1.99 to $9.99 for the various packs. The app underwent some changes to its look earlier this year and it is now compatible with iOS 7.0. It has a solid 3.5 out of five stars from users.

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Solving the Puzzles

The Mega Crosswords To Go app is truly mobile because there's no need for an Internet connection, just launch the games app and start solving the puzzles. You can browse through the options or if you'd rather you can tap on the "Pick One For Me" option which will provide you with a random puzzle. In the settings you can make adjustments so that you can check or reveal answers, a letter, the full grid, or just a word. Of course this isn’t something you can do with a traditional crossword puzzle. Use pencil or pen mode as you are working on the puzzles and brace yourself for hours' worth of challenges.

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Mega Crosswords To Go


Pros and Cons


  • There are hundreds of puzzles available
  • Browse by theme or difficulty level
  • Have the app randomly pick a puzzle for you to play
  • Play in pencil or pen mode
  • You can check your answer, revel a letter/word/or the full grid
  • There is no need for an Internet connection


  • The free version provides you with a sample pack of puzzles only the rest will require in-app purchases
  • Some players have complained of the app crashing

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Final Thoughts

The Mega Crosswords To Go app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and ensures that you always have a challenge on hand. With just a bit more tweaking this one could really be the best crossword app. 

Mega Crosswords To Go

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